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a VERMONSTER giveaway!

Posted Feb 28 2010 7:55am

Alright folks, here it is! The long-promised giveaway! Didja think I’d never follow through?!

Not so! While thinking of what to include, I bounced back and forth between doing a fun VermontPride giveaway, or one that included some of the products I so often rave about that some people may not be able to find due to where I shop. (Are Hannafords and Price Choppers places other than New England?) This sort of made me realize I eat relatively local anyways – so I’d start out with a Vermont-themed giveaway and maybe in another couple weeks, I’ll do one with some of the crazy jams, mustards, and other fun stuff I find.

So! Here we go!

First Up: and also including the one thing not Vermont based:

The best travel mug EVER – a Copco cup! I have one, and will never use another travel mug again. I would always have problems with it spilling and leaking all over! But with these, I have not had a single problem – I think the secret is in their special screw-top lid. And yes, yes, I know; it’s baby pink. But! They support breast cancer research, so I chose that one over the brown because I wasn’t sure if the brown one’s proceeds would benefit research too. So at least it’s for a good cause :)

In addition? Some of the coffee that I am always raving aboutGreen Mountain! If you’ve never had it, your life will be changed once you do. And this Gingerbread flavor? Ohh, it’s like a little bit o’ heaven. I’m pretty sure this coffee is pretty widely available (i.e. not just Vermont & New England) as well, but I couldn’t not include it! That, and – I think this flavor is getting harder to find now that the holidays are over. So consider yourselves lucky that I have my sources :)

And not only does GMC taste delicious – they’re also brewing for a better world ! And you know how I love supporting those types of companies. Copco is also 100% “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.”

Next Up?

A sample of McLure’s Maple Syrup , some of the best mints ever created , and equally delicious crackas !

No aspartame or splenda here, kidlets :) They’re addicting though – you have been forewarned. As is maple sizzurp. REAL maple sizzurp! Contrary to what some may believe – Aunt Jemima is quiiiiite far from what you will be receiving.

These crackers are locally made, and deee-ricious. I’m kind of glad I’m doing this giveaway because I’d forgotten about them myself for a little while! I promise I want eat your bag, though.

In Addition to what I’ve pictured, I’m also going to throw in two Woodstock Cookie Company Granola Bars. While these aren’t necessarily the granola bars packed full of protein that you grab to replace your lunch, they are all natural and handmade, as well. Hey – real food is better than fake processed stuff, and these are ridiculously good as well. Of course, I wouldn’t giveaway stuff I thought was gross.

I didn’t pick these up ahead of time because I figured I’d let you chose your flavors, and I wanted to get them fresh off the truck, too. While I can’t promise I can get my hands on all of the flavors on their website, if you give me a couple choices I should be able to get whatcha’ want.

So! That’s that. Now you’re wondering how to enter, right?!

I’ll allow up to three entries:

1. The usual – sorry, shameless plug – mention this giveaway with a link on your blog, and post a comment with a link to your post that mentions it.

2. Go to any of the above mentioned product/company’s websites and post a comment saying which product or flavor you would most be interested in trying.

3. Okay, another shameless plug. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Go to my photography website or my flickr and post a comment with a link to your favorite image. If you hate them all, say you hate them all :P

PLEASE! Make sure that if you take advantage of the ability to enter all three times, you do so in three separate comments, one for each “task.”

I will use a random number generator on Sunday, March 7th – one week from today to determine the winner.

And, unfortunately – Continental U.S. residents only, please :( Sorry! Hopefully I’ll be able to change that in the future.

SO! What are you waiting for? GO!

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