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A Taste of Raw Chocolate from Conscious

Posted Feb 10 2011 1:24pm

Do you know what I love more than chocolate?  Probably nothing.  Which is why I was very excited about a little package that arrived a short while ago from Conscious Chocolate . tn_conscious blog 001 Four bars of delicious chocolate – Plain, Goji and Coconut, Essential Orange and Mint Hint.  This isn’t just any chocolate though, this is RAW chocolate!  Yes, raw – as in uncooked.  Meaning this is probably some of the healthiest chocolate around.  It is also sweetened with agave nectar instead of regular sugar.  Score!

And while we’re on the subject of ingredients, this is what’s in the plain bar, which is used as the base for all the Conscious flavours:

Made with a blend of Ecuadorian cacao powder, cacao butter, and agave nectar, coconut butter, carob powder, cinnamon and Himalayan salt.  Cacao solids 60% minimum. tn_conscious blog 002 This is what Conscious have to say about their products:

To create delicious dark chocolate has always been the vision of Conscious Chocolate. Our range is as healthy as it is luxurious. Our mandate is that everyone, regardless of dietary requirements, can enjoy the variety of chocolate we make.

Conscious Chocolates are handmade raw bars that are free from pesticides, dairy, gluten, soya and refined sugars. The cacao beans we use are fermented at low temperatures and sun-dried, they are never roasted so our bars remain packed full of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and theobromine that make chocolate so good for you. When cacao beans are roasted, or have sugar and milk added to them, the benefits are enormously impaired. Our chocolate is raw so you get all the health benefits and all the taste. The knowledge that chocolate can be good for you may come as a revelation.

Conscious Chocolate is only sweetened with blue agave nectar (cactus syrup). Agave nectar is suitable for diabetics as it is 85% fructose and has a low glycemic index and glycemic load (GI & GL) so it doesn’t imbalance the natural blood sugar levels.

We are registered with both the vegan and vegetarian society and can be enjoyed by coeliacs, raw foodists (the temperature is always kept below 42°C), people who are choosing to eat healthily and all chocolate lovers alike.

Conscious Chocolate is a small cottage industry situated on a farm in West Kent, UK. tn_conscious blog 003 Now for what I think!

On first opening the wrapper I noticed that the chocolate doesn’t look as glossy and shiny as a regular chocolate bar.  It has a very dark, matte appearance and a strong chocolate smell.  I broke the bar in half and noticed that it also had a different texture.  This is not hard like regular chocolate but has a softer, ‘fluffier’ texture, which is also noticeable when you eat it.  Once in your mouth this stuff melts like a dream to reveal a soft, deep chocolate flavour that lingers.  The flavoured bars taste great and really seem to compliment the natural chocolate taste without tasting artificial. 

I loved these bars.  They are not the same as a regular chocolate bar but once you get past the different appearance and texture, the taste is amazing.  I think I actually prefer the slightly softer texture these bars have compared to regular bars.  If you are a fan of dark chocolate you will undoubtedly love these bars.  The taste, texture and smell are all heavenly.  Of the four bars I tried, I think I enjoyed the plain one the least but that is probably down to the fact that I prefer flavoured chocolate in general.  I would struggle to pick a favourite of the flavoured bars, although I am tending to lean towards the Essential Orange bar just because I love the chocolate/orange combination.  I honestly really enjoyed the Mint Hint, and the Goji and Coconut bar was gorgeous for something a little bit different.  I would love to try some more of their unusual flavours.

I will definitely be purchasing these bars in the future but one thing they don’t have on their side is the price. Obviously these are good quality bars with fantastic ingredients but that is something you have to pay for.  An average 40g bar retails for around £2.50 on their website , so it is clearly not an everyday purchase – just for comparison an average bar of Dairy Milk retails for approximately 60p!  They are great for a special indulgence and will particularly appeal to those on restricted diets who cannot eat regular chocolate, or those with a strong interest in health and wellness who choose not to eat mass produced bars.  tn_conscious blog 009

As a self-confessed chocoholic, these bars have really sparked my interest in raw chocolate as a healthier way to indulge in my favourite sweet.  I have been browsing their website and a few flavours have caught my eye – Lacuma Gold, Love Potion No 9 and Fruit Fantasy are literally calling my name!

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