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A Spoonful of Sunshine

Posted Nov 14 2012 6:00am

Hello! I’m Theresa and you can find me over at A Spoonful of Sunshine .  I am about to finish up my last year of college in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, California.  To say that having your campus literally on the beach is a blessing might be the understatement of the year.  Other being a water baby, a , ex-rower, and a mermaid wannabe, I am a lover of sunshine.

So what is the story behind a Spoonful of Sunshine?  I had been an AVID reader of food blogs for a couple years and when back injury sidelined my rowing career , I decided it was the perfect opportunity to launch my little corner of the blog world.  Instead of spending my waking hours rowing, lifting, running, or just thinking about crew, post-injury I frequently found myself home alone since all my roommates were off at practice, regattas or catching up on sleep thanks to those 5A.M. wake-up calls.  When I had to sit spring training camp out, I was able to go home for the first time where I had nothing but free time on my hands, so my blog was born.

Being on a collegiate rowing team opened my eyes to the idea that what your put in your body directly affects your athletic performance.  I know, crazy right?  But coming to this revelation planted the seed for my love of food and fitness.  I think they go hand in hand.  Great workouts make food taste 1000 times better and nourishing food makes your workouts equally as amazing.

At A Spoonful of Sunshine you will find Spoonfuls , which are some of the recipes that I have created to perpetuate a healthy lifestyle.  You may also stumble upon injury updates, new food products, and ramblings about life, but since I am still battling this injury my primary focus is on the nourishing my body with the best food to get back to fighting shape.  One day it might change to focus on more workout posts, but right now I am enjoying the workout philosophy “Do what you can, when you can” and of course spending as much time as possible soaking up the beautiful sunshine life has to offer.

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