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A Sneaky 6km and Some Yummy New Recipes!

Posted Apr 02 2012 12:00am
This will be a short blog, I had a super busy weekend but just HAD to post about these new recipes I tried! Oh and the fact that I "snuck" in a little 6km run on Saturday even though I am really not supposed to be running right now.  However, I am running the Sporting Life 10km next month, so I want to be prepared. Today was a series of exercise's that included hyper extensions, calf raises, bench press.... and the list goes on! I was so tired I was having trouble holding up the arm full of clothes I bought at Banana Republic today. Sadly, most of it was for my boyfriend!

My favourite 10km race! 
So I tried out two new recipes that I got from the Civilized Caveman website, Jalapeno Dijon Grilled Chicken and BBQ Bacon Asparagus! It was delicious! I know some of you might be horrified that I ate bacon, but when push comes to shove it really isn't that bad for you to have every once in a while, it is meat after all.  Don't ever forget that our body does need essential fatty acids we need them for energy, so don't be shy to eat an egg yoke sometimes.... doesn't always have to be just the eggs whites.  ;)

OK, so here are pics from our yummy Saturday night dinner.... we followed it up with some yummy no sugar, not gluten,no soy and lactose free treats I found at my favourite Health Food store (they are called MACA-ROOONS), then settled in for a movie. We chose The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I had only ever seen the original so I was dying to see the American version. I must admit that I think I preferred the Swedish version a little more, but still thought it was EXCELLENT! Seriously, how cool is Rooney Mara?! I love her and her keen fashion sense! These were such a good find for me because they fall right into my caveman diet! Whoo Hoo!
For some reason this one would not load the right way sorry! Please note that one is already missing from the pack. Didn't even make it home from the store without taste testing one! lol

Here is our yummy dinner! I didn't add the mustard to the recipe (a total oversight on my part but it still tasted amazing), I am going to make it again this week with the mustard and see which way I prefer!

Did you try any new recipes out this weekend?

Does anyone have any upcoming races they are training for?

Are you an egg white type of person or do you keep the yoke in?

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