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A run, my weight and the honey wagon...

Posted Feb 18 2013 7:18pm
1.  Long Run/Brunch:  After yet another week of not running any training runs because of my stupid back, I finally got back on the horse (or er, back on the roads) and went for a long run.  I had 23km scheduled and we ended up running about 21.5km.  My running buddy and I both agreed that we just didn't feel like doing that little out and back piece in the middle of the run.  Afterwards we went out for brunch with the rest of our Goofy training group.  It was so nice to catch up with everyone and flash our shiny medals around a little bit...

What a fine looking group of Goofs!
2.  The End of the FitFluential DietBet.  I think I mentioned somewhere along the line that I joined the FitFluential January DietBet.  I don't really think I needed to lose much weight but thought this little game might be a great incentive to start eating a bit healthier and lose a bit of bloat along the way.   Mission accomplished.  I needed to lose 4% which was 6.2 lbs.  Goal also accomplished, as of a couple days ago I was down 7 lbs.  

Wouldn't you know it though, when I weighed myself this morning apparently I've lost only 6 lbs.  Grr.  
I have until tomorrow night to submit my official final weigh-in and photos so let's hope this little fluctuation and my crappy inaccurate scale don't sink me!  Regardless, I've lost about 6-7 lbs and while it's been difficult, I feel good about having eaten so clean all month.  

0.2 lbs too much!  You lose!
(What's that weird word?  It's a code word that is part
of the weigh-in procedure...)
3.  I'll be runnin' for the Honey Wagon!  After our race a couple weekends ago, Solana decided she wanted to run another half marathon and came across the Greater Bellingham Running Club's Run for the Honeywagon on March 2nd.  At first I wasn't going to tag along with her because the race starts at 10:00 am and that's a bit late when your weekends are busy with two toddlers.  But then I remembered that we have Wine Night that weekend which means that Sunday morning's scheduled 19km would probably be a gong show.  Therefore, putting wine ahead of family time, I've decided I should probably do the race on Saturday after all and save myself the pain of a long run after Wine Night.  

But what's a honey wagon anyway?  My good friend the Internet defines it as a portable tank or truck for transporting black water, waste or sewage and the term is also used for portable toilets.  What a nice thing to run half marathon #15 in honor of...  
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