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A Rough 12 Mile Training Run

Posted Aug 01 2012 7:45am

Good Morning!

Happy Hump Day :)

If your new to the blog, here’s a few of my recent posts – this past weekend was an exciting one!

Along with my eventful weekend came my 12 mile training long run. It was definitely a tough one. I’ve been experimenting with different fueling options for during the run – I’m trying to go the natural food route, but it hasn’t been going quite well.

I was up bright and early to beat the heat. Once I slid on my compression sleeves and put on my hat, I was ready to go .. take note of my straight hair.

I started out by my front door and headed toward the end of the boardwalk (my turnaround point). I could tell, as soon as I started, that the run was not going to be easy. My pace started out much slower than normal, which is a good thing since I struggle with pacing myself at the start of a run. However, I never really picked up the pace over the course of the 12 miles – and not on purpose this time. My feet were feeling good, but I physically just couldn’t pick up my speed.

The splits are much slower than any of my other long runs.  When I went to take my fuel around mile 5.5 (a few gummy snacks), it never seemed to kick in for me. I struggled to keep myself going. Around mile 10 I munched on a small box of raisins as fuel. They seemed to help a bit more, but still didn’t give me that jolt I needed. This was definitely one of those discouraging runs – however, I can only improve from here ;)

I think I’ll give the natural food approach one more shot for my next run, but I have a feeling I may be going back to my Gu gels. We shall see – I’ve also thought about swtichin between the two since I know I will not be able to gulp down Espresso Gu gel packs for all 26.2 miles of the race. At least I’m figuring all of this out during training rather than during the race – I’m doing one thing right it seems haha!

Here are the splits – They’re not horrible, but much slower than I’ve been running lately.

Mile 1: 9:39

Mile 2: 9:35

Mile 3: 9:40

Mile 4: 9:42

Mile 5:9:49

Mile 6: 9:56

Mile 7: 9:57

Mile 8: 9:48

Mile 9: 9:37

Mile 10: 9:40

Mile 11: 9:34

Mile 12: 9:27

Total of 12 miles in 1:56 with an avg. pace of 9:42.

Now that I look at them, they’re not THAT bad – I felt a lot worse than the splits show – haha!

O well, I’m looking forward to a better run this weekend ;)

Post-run, I stretched out for a bit and made my favorite breakfast: OATMEAL!

In the mix: oats, banana, cottage cheese, 1/2 scoop chocolate fudge protein powder, chia seeds, and PEANUT BUTTER :) With a coffee on the side ;)

While enjoying breakfast, I made my feet a little ice bath instead of “icing” them with packs.

Sexy right?! – I know ;)  

Then, I wanted to see how hot it really was since it took me a while to cool down (temperature wise).

Remember my straight hair? Well, here you go … it was HOT!

I’m always intrigued by how much the weather alters my hair!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach, then it was time for Robert Irvine’s event at night. At least I had sometime to look forward to after a not-so-great run ;)

Have you ever experienced a run like this? How did you overcome it?

Any suggestions for future runs? I’m all ears – always looking to improve :)

Off to work at the hospital … Have a great day!

~ L

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