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A rock and a hard place

Posted Sep 04 2010 7:11pm

Training Calls for: 12 miles

Miles Run So Far: 234.2

Days Left: 43

*sigh*  See that 12 miles up there that training calls for?  I didn’t run a single one of them.  In fact, since last we talked, I’ve only run 2 miles.  Those two miles still hurt, foot/ankle-wise, so I extended my time off.  I don’t like doing so, but I also don’t want to run through an injury and end up not being able to run the marathon I’ve been so faithfully training for.

I did a lot of thinking about being stuck between a rock and a hard place while I ate my PB and toast with banana this morning for breakfast.

I don’t know exactly what the phrase was meant to infer, but when I say it, I picture myself squeezing in between a boulder and the edge of a cliff.  Quite literally, I imagine myself momentarily stuck between a rock and a hard place.  It’s that moment when you’re trying to pass through a space not intended for you to journey through and you have that second where you think, “oh, oh, oops, I shouldn’t have done this, I should go back”, but in reality, you know you can only move forward. Forward is where you want to be, forward is where you’re meant to be journeying.

You can be stuck between a rock and hard place as long as you want — but you’re the one who decides whether or not you move forward and how you do so.

Lunch: (Tuna on a sandwich thin with spicy brown mustard, pickle and applesauce on the side)

I never intended on injuring my ankle to the point of not being able to follow the training schedule to a “T”.  I never intended to go from averaging 32 miles a week to 2.  But I hurt myself and now, I’m caught between a rock and hard place deciding how to proceed.

How do I move forward?

I’ve decided the best course of action is to keep resting, test the ankle with a little jog here and there and get back on track next week.  I won’t be pushing myself to follow a plan and run through pain.  Pain > plan.  I’ll trust that once I squeeze through this tough spot, I’ll be back to clear sailing and a happy victory picture when I cross the finish line of 26.2.

Dinner: beef stirfry with wild rice and salad

Sounds a little too philosophical, but I think anyone who has committed themselves to the level of insanity this kind of training requires feels absolutely lost when something throws them off-track.

But isn’t that life? Raise your hand if your life has gone exactly as you imagined or planned.

No one?  Just what I thought.

Sometimes, we’re thrown for a loop and we have to squeeze between a rock and a hard place.  When we get to the other side and the scenery doesn’t look quite as we imagined, that’s when we have to take a deep breath and trust that everything we’ve done leading up to this point will carry us through until things seem okay again. It may take a while, but we’re not in charge of the time table.

So, hopefully, Tuesday, I’ll have good news to report and miles to add to the running tally.  It may not be pretty, it may be slow and I may be frustrated, but I still have 6 weeks before it comes time to lace up those shoes and run to realize a goal.

If there is one thing running (and life) has taught me, it’s that a LOT can change in 6 weeks.

Thanks for your patience and your kind words while I wait for my bum ankle to get its act together.  I’ll let you know when I finally wiggled free from between a rock and a hard place. XOXO

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