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A Raw Salad Recipe – Perfect for Spring

Posted Mar 02 2013 3:17am

Today’s guest post explores adding fruit to a normal salad. This raw salad recipe is a brilliant idea for Spring

Spring is one of my favorite times of year. It’s a welcome relief from the long, bone-chilling winter. The leaves start turning green, flowers begin to bloom, and temperatures finally begin to rise. Spring is also one of my favorite seasons to try new raw food recipes thanks to all of the fruits and veggies that are available now that weren’t in the past few months.


Here is one of my favorites that’s perfect for welcoming spring again.


  • spinach
  • strawberries
  • mango
  • mandarine oranges
  • pineapple

To start off, cut up a few cups of fresh baby spinach. Instead of using regular iceberg
or romaine lettuce, my leafy green of choice is fresh spinach. Not only is it packed
with iron, but it tastes delicious in a salad. Make sure you cut off the stems.

Next, take a handful of red ripe strawberries. Cut off the tops and then cut the
strawberries in halves.

Now you want to skin a sweet mango variety (if in season in your region). Cut this
up into small bite sized pieces. This will get a little messy and the mango might be
juicy, but that’s okay because it will add a little bit of extra dressing to the salad.

Now you can open up a can of mandarin oranges and place a few sections into the

Now, slice up a pineapple into smaller chunks and add that on top.

Mix the salad in with a light vinaigrette. Some people prefer to add this directly on
top of the spinach before the fruit.

Most people don’t think to add fruit into their salads unless it’s apples. In fact, fruit
goes well with all kinds of salads, even those with vegetables in them or a more bold
tasting dressing.

Not only is it healthy, but after you’ve cut up the fruit you can make a simple fruit
salad and save it for a snack or your breakfast the next day.

I hope you enjoy this raw spring salad as much as I do!

About the Author: Danielle is a writer for . She is so glad spring is
almost here and can’t wait to try new salad recipes.

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