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A Quick Race Recap

Posted Nov 12 2012 10:33pm
I am exhausted tonight, so I am sorry that I am so late. One of our sweet guinea pigs died last night. He was 5. I know they are rodents, but you still get attached to the darned things! He was my son's and it was just a late night and so tonight will be an early night (for me anyway!)

This weekend I ran what was called the Big Bird Race. (Still don't know why, there weren't any birds, big or otherwise!)
Sad to say, this is one I would never do again!
I originally thought it would be fun to squeeze in a 4k before my Turkey Trot. I figure the Turkey Trot will be my last race for the year and so that would put me at 10 races in 5 months. Not too bad, right?


They started the 1 mile walk at 10:00
The 4k at 10:15
The 10k at 10:20


This is their 34th time running this race and I can't quite figure out the logic of starting your longest race last. In addition, they were only timing the 10k to 80 minutes, so too bad if you didn't get done in time.
The chips were the weirdest thing ever. Little ancient squares that zip tied onto your shoe. No, not the wrist band looking ones, some weird thing.

They never bothered to make the announcement to remind people that the two races were starting apart from each other. I had to tell some people. Actually saw some people who started with the 4k, divert onto the 10k course! Hmm...they must have had a pretty good time getting a 5 minute jump on the other runners!

For the 4k, they gave 5 deep for the 14 and under and 5 deep in the 15 and over, that was it and it was by gender. That was it. So when you see your placement in the overall it is actually just for the females. They did not break it into age groups or anything. Just weird...

Oh, and walkers were NOT allowed on the 4k and timing stopped at 30 minutes.

When the gun went off, I felt like I was running hard. I felt it from the start, I hit one mile at 8:19, which is right around where I have been running during training. It was not an easy run for me. Just one of those days. I felt out of breath, I was nauseous from time to time. I felt the same way all day yesterday so it really wasn't run related.

It was actually warm and sunny. I am a Navy veteran, so I had to represent!
Yup, that is me post-race.

As you already know, I am stat obsessed so I ended up with this:
Final: 20:33 (8:13 pace - That is a PR pace time for me)
It is a race PR but that is only because I haven't run a 4k before.
Female Overall: 16th out of 155
40-44 (I have the results and wanted to know to compare to my other races): 4th place
Race Overall: 51st out of 273

So there you have it, my weird race and one I would never do again. I had fun though...I was running!
Oh, and they did give us an extra goodie or two...

We got a little miniature deodorant (I guess they figured we would all be smelly!) and some fancy running gloves. I love the gloves but they are made for some serious man hands! Haha! I will still wear them because I am cool like that!

Good night my friends...I promise a real blog is coming tomorrow!

Did you race over the weekend?What else did you do to #GoGetFit?
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