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A quick Christmas update...

Posted Dec 30 2012 12:46am
Christmas this year seemed to just fly by.  That last week was super busy running around getting all of our last minute things done and then whammo, here I sit, back at home, Christmas all done for another year.

After a quick but enjoyable Christmas with my family last weekend, we headed to the island to spend Christmas with my husband's family this year.  The last few days leading up to our departure were crazy busy with both social and running commitments and unfortunately it all caught up with me Sunday night when we finally got to the island.

Saturday morning we ran an epic 35+ km but due to a few unavoidable things along the way, it was a very long and very slow 35km.  It was by far my toughest run mentally and I'm pretty sure a little bit of my spirit broke out there on the pavement that morning.  Sunday it was a fresh start and I went out for a really nice 20km with friends.  Sunday was a wonderful gift to make up a bit for Saturday's struggles but after getting home I knew I was done.

I was so tired.  I was so cold.  I was so exhausted and no matter what I ate or drank or how much I stretched, my poor body was finished.  We made it to the island but that night the illness set in and I was officially out.  I couldn't get warm all day and was just completely chilled to the bone.  Despite that, we had a nice evening visiting with family but all I could think about was getting home and crawling into bed.  And when I did, the fever set in.  Suddenly I was too hot and just couldn't get comfortable.  The chills and aches were unbelievable but I managed to get a decent night's sleep.  Christmas Eve day was spent mostly on the couch in aching pain, trying to stay hydrated and medicated.  What was worse was that both kids had it too, so we were quite the group!

By Christmas Day I was feeling a bit better and we had a wonderful day with the family.  At 2 and 3, the boys are really starting to understand Christmas and it was so fun leaving out the cookies and milk for Santa and seeing the excitement on their faces when they discovered the next morning that Santa had actually been there.  We had a lovely day but I was still feeling terrible and so I cancelled the run I had planned on.  Boxing Day I was still feeling awful so I had to cancel on running again.  By this point the guilt was setting in.

After such a long year of so much training and so much preparation, I couldn't believe that I was getting walloped so badly by an illness just 2 weeks before our trip to Florida.  I so wanted to get the miles in but decided the rest would be more beneficial.  I managed to get out for one short run while we were away but my chest and throat were hurting something terrible.  We got home from the island today and I also cancelled on today's 10km in the hopes the extra rest will have me feeling well enough for tomorrow's long run with the group.

Sigh.  I guess that's the chance you take training for a marathon over the winter.  I am just hoping that the extra rest won't hurt me and will help to clear up this cold so I'm feeling awesome by the time we leave on January 8th.  Aside from being sick, we had a truly lovely holidays but I'm looking forward to a quiet couple of days here at home before Hubs heads back to work again.

Hoping you all had enjoyable and relaxing holidays and that there are many more good times to come as the New Year approaches...
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