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A Positive Attitude will BOOST your physical health!

Posted Apr 10 2010 12:00am
Attitude is everything!! Dr. Michael Roizen, co-auther with Dr. Mehmet Oz (love him!), says “When you have a positive attitude, there is a real commitment that you will perform at a much higher level. And remember, you always get a ‘do-over,’ you can always start right now!”
Listen to this crazy story…so interesting!!...

Researchers read the autobiographical essays of 180 nuns in the 1930’s when they were young (average age 22). They found that those mums who used optimistic verbiage went on to live longer lives – an average of 10 years longer than other nuns! What’s more, the more adjectives and ideas they crammed into the final 10 sentences of the autobiographies, the better their minds proved to be in old age. Alzheimer’s disease was confirmed only in nuns whose writings were relatively skimpy. – Holy Cow!-

I love that! Having a positive attitude can improve your life now and later. What are you doing to give your body and mind positivity?

Psychologist, Martin Seligman says, “Literally hundreds of studies show that pessimists give up more easily and get depressed more often.” One study found patients deemed pessimistic in a personality study 30 years earlier had a 19% increase in the risk of mortality. In a 2008 Duke University study, cardiac patients who were pessimistic about their recovery were twice as likely to die early as those who were optimistic.

When I read this information is Success Magazine (May 2010), I started thinking, what do I do to create positivity in my life? Dr. Roizen gives a good suggestion

I write three thank-you notes at night. It’s one of the last things I do whether at work or at home.” What a great idea! I have a whole stash of thank-you notes and used to be pretty good at remember to write them. I’ve made a new resolution to begin that practice again.

Let’s get healthy in our minds and bodies too. This competition has been really positive for me. I love putting my marks on my scoresheet every day. Another servings of fruit, check, another water bottle full of water, check, another 15 minutes of exercise, check. Love it!

How do you stay positive? Especially when dieting?
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