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A Pea’s Pod

Posted Feb 09 2010 8:57am

Mother-daughter workout

By Jessica Scicchitano

Why are you smiling at everyone?  They all have dirty looks on their faces; no one wants to be here.” – Me, to my mother

Perhaps I was being a bit cynical, but it is generally true.  Very few people have a smile on their face at the gym.  My mom did, of course, it being her first time there and everything.

I’ve had a membership at Planet Fitness for the past three years, and a bonus of my monthly fee is the ability to bring a guest each time I come, if I so choose.  Rarely, if ever, do I ask someone to tag along, mainly because my friends either A. work out already or B. refuse to.  This is fine; I enjoy mind-numbing cardio to either bad rap music or really good techno.

After months and months of my mother saying how she’d like to come sometime, I walked in the door from a long day on campus to have her rushing me back out. “We’re going to the gym, NOW!”  I never typically work out on days I have class… I am easily exhausted, but after surveying our dinner choices (pasta + sauce = trouble) I figured I should take her up on the offer.

We laughed, we flexed in the mirror, we laughed some more.  She could barely start the treadmill without complaining (endearingly, of course.)  For not having expected to go, it was a rousing time – complete with a few strength training machines.

Finally, a woman returned her gaze with a laugh, a sigh, and a look signaling “get me out of here.”  Maybe some people can put a smile on their face after all, maybe it is just me scowling, asking “when is dinner?!”

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