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A Pea’s Pod

Posted Feb 21 2010 10:30am

The upside to growing up and apart

By Jessica Scicchitano

I have always been satisfied with having one — maybe two — very close friends.  In high school, as long as I had my best friend by my side, I never felt like I had to compete for “most popular” or any other coveted school title. The negative side of this luxury: what happens when you grow up and grow apart?

Is it safe to put all of your eggs in one basket?  They say we ought to consider it a blessing when we can count the people we can truly rely on, on one hand.  Is it safer, more realistic even, to have a smattering of people we can turn to, or love deeply through one or two souls?

I’ve found that the most ideal relationships, whether platonic or romantic, have a way of creeping into our lives when we least expect it.  Many people at SU have been lucky to find new connections that are as deep as the ones they had with people back home.  Some find fulfillment in having people to party with or a large social network.  None of these options are needed to have a successful college experience, and they don’t necessarily make life better.

The upside to growing apart from old friends is to learn what is changing within us, and why our requirements seem to morph over time.  With college, our jobs, or whatever the circumstance may be, we will all find someone who best suits us.  And who knows, our past always has a way of reliving itself.

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