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A Party for a Hen

Posted Apr 27 2010 12:00am

Hi guys!  Where has the past few days gone? I feel that the time is just flying quicker and quicker these days.

I hope everyone had a really good weekend.  I know we did here!!  The weather was nothing short of fabulous, except Sunday it would start to rain and then the sun would come out, and then it would down pour again, and then out came the sun!  So random!  Kind of like my mood (hello, emotional Sunday)… but we won’t get into that :)

On Saturday night I went out for one of my friends Hen Party.  This is the same friend who I am a honorary bridesmaid for.  Remember when we went dress shopping back in October?   Well, shortly after that I told her I was pregnant and then we realized that I was due 3 weeks after her wedding which is June 5th.  Being 9 months pregnant and a bridesmaid doesn’t always mix so I’ve been doing a lot of the “duties” for her but won’t actually do the job on the day of her wedding. 

Anyway, Saturday night was her lovely Hen Night.  It did not disappoint!! The girls from work and I all got together and threw her quite the bash.  Here is the link to the Hen night she threw for me last July.  Yep, James Bond made an appearance to that one LOL!  He did not however, come to this one but someone else definitely made up for it!!

We started at Natalie’s house.  Here we are pre-drinking (well, she drank – I didn’t).


I made sure that Nat had a pretty sash to wear for her big night out.  She had more to come too!
I ordered the sash on eBay and got it personalized for her!! She LOVED it!!

  DSC00555 DSC00554

From there we went to a restaurant downtown called The Green Room.  It was so good!  A pub-style restaurant that has decent prices for really good food!  I had a greek salad and some bread with balsamic and olive oil.

Many of the girls who came out with us are girls we work with and a few of Natalie’s friends.


Can you find me? :)

Natalie had a gift to open right away… we bought her pretty lingerie for her wedding day and a few other unmentionables (think – toys ;) )…

She had to wear a crown like a princess..


And a lace garter.


She also had blinking “Hen Night” pins that she strategically placed on her chest area and a whistle!

The Bride to be and I at the restaurant!


Now this is where it got fun.  Shortly after we ate we went on to another club which we had VIP access for.  It did not come cheaply either!  It’s no wonder because of the contents inside the club ;)


Catch my drift?

There was a guy nicknamed “The Stallion” there, and can I just tell you… married or not… pregnant or not…I have eyes, and there is a reason why that guy was called The Stallion.

I would post tons of pictures of him.. but I don’t have an R-rating on this blog.

I can post my breakfast from this morning though, because the plate is so fitting.


A waffle sandwich with banana and peanut butter.  On Liam’s “Mr. Happy” plate.

Why is it so fitting?  You could say The Stallion was quite happy that night. bahaha.

We had a really fun night, and my carriage turned into a pumpkin at midnight and I went home.  This girl was tired!

Anyways, that is the family version of Nat’s Hen Night.  She had a great time!!  All of us girls did too!

What is the best Bachelorette Party/Hen Night you’ve ever been to?

Last year before my wedding I was lucky enough to have THREE!

Here are the links!

Back in Canada… Bachelorette party #3!! (I miss that tan!!)

Hope you are all having a great start to your week!

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