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A parable

Posted Oct 22 2012 8:53am
Sorry for the delay in posting - can't believe it's been almost exactly a month. I've recently started back to full-time pharmacist shift work and it's thrown me for a loop scheduling wise. I offer a parable as an act of forgiveness. I used this parable in a sermon yesterday about eternity and eternal life. Thanks to my dear frined Karen Michaels for sharing the story with me. From: Rebbe Zusha, a much revered Hassidic teacher from the 1800's... G-d created all people and loves them very much. However, some of G-d’s children do not love G-d as much. To differentiate those that love G-d and choose to follow G-d from those that don’t, G-d made all people without elbows. G-d then created a large banquet for all G-d’s people and invited them to sit and eat their fill. Two distinct patterns emerged among the guests, those in hell thought only of themselves and were frustrated because they couldn’t bend their arms to get food and drink to their mouths. They railed at G-d over their predicament and yet made no changes in what they were doing. Those in heaven sat down across from each other and shared the meal. They lifted their arms full of G-d’s bounty and gave each other food and drink until they were sated. They praised G-d for G-d’s love and gracious abundance and for the other child of G-d who loved them enough to see to the needs of another first. Great parable isn't it?! I promise you that the visual of people trying to eat without elbows will stick with you. We talk a lot about how bad things are and how they never change. Maybe it's not the "things" that need to change! Peace for the journey, Dan

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