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A No BS Guide to Bigger Arms

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:24pm

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  me and the sysop

Bigger arms are something everyone wants to some extent, some of us are blessed with bigger arms and others have longer lankier limbs to deal with, either way its nice to have a bit more volume on the arms without making them look too big, and bulky as it looks stupid……

Over the years I have found a few things that work with arms and a few things that don’t; there is no need to spend a long time working your arms you just need to know what to do and what to avoid. So here are a few tips to get those arms up and running.

1 - Finish Workouts with BarBell Curls

I have found that the simple Barbell curl is hands down the best size builder for biceps. There is no need to dedicate a workout to arms or biceps but I like to finish each of my full body workouts with a few sets of barbell curls.

Start light pumping out 10-15 reps with just the bar, then increase the weight to do 5-8 reps with strict form taking 30-60 seconds in between sets. On your last set throw in a few negative reps in which you can swing (Watch your lower back) the weight up but lower it very slowly (10 + seconds)

With the arms cycle, is it an absolute to use the standing barbell curl - Ellington Darden

These are hands down the core of building lagging biceps, finish off the whole thing with another set of 10-15 reps with just the Barbell to get blood flowing.

2 - Symmetry

Good arms come from having a muscular body all round and this cannot be achieved without working your entire body evenly. If you get Strong in the core exercises like: Weighted Pull-ups, Squats, and Deadlifts good arms will come naturally so if your expecting huge arms from a few sets of curls a week its not going to happen. Your body will simply not grow huge arms if the rest of you is not up to scratch; Our bodies are designed and work very hard to keep some sort of symmetry, so work your larger muscles and the smaller one’s will follow….

3 - Triceps

I have always found triceps respond pretty well to exercise and are easy to trigger into growth. Don’t forget that all heavy pushing movements like Shoulder presses, and the bench press work your triceps deeply and put a load of stress on them therefore I like to keep my Tricep routine simple:

- Close Grip Dips are superb for building triceps, even better if you can do 5-8 reps with some weight added.

-Close Grip Pushups are another great exercise and they not only build your triceps they give your inner chest a nice squeeze.

Triceps respond very well to heavy weights so make sure you incorporate heavy standing shoulder presses and dips into your routine as both of these exercises allow you to safely put a large amount of weight on your triceps. They are also 2 of the best upper body compound movements you can do and will get your body primed for growth.

4 - 10 Minute Arm Blast

This is something I developed a while back to finish off my full body workouts, its not only a potent muscle builder but a great way to finish off your workout and get a sweat going. Its basically a 3 exercise circuit that is done with little or no rest.

Pull-ups—->Close Grip Pushups—–>Sit-ups

Do as many of each as you can in 30 seconds then have a 30-60 second rest and repeat you should be able to fit in 4 rounds of the circuit and its a great way to lock down a workout of heavy compounds. I suggest the pull ups as they are a great Arm builder but will also work your lats and keep your whole core activated. They also work very well with the pushups as they are working the exact opposing muscles and both activiate the entire body. The situps are thrown in to give yur arms a break whilst keeping the heart rate up.

Give the circuit a try I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

5 - No Magic Bullet

Its key to remember that good strong and vascular arms take years to build, there is no magic bullet to growing your arms they will come with hard work and dedication. Gaining strength is core movements is also a bonus that will trigger growth. Saying this there is no harm in throwing in some Biceps and Tricep work at the end of a workout and if you work hard enough good growth will emerge.

Just remember to keep stress at bay and check out some of my other articles on muscle growth…….

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