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A New Goal: Refine Method

Posted Jan 05 2012 10:52am

Back when I was blogging on a regular basis, I would set goals for myself at the beginning of every month. Looking back on my posts now, I had one similar goal every single month – to add more strength training into my exercise routine! For example, when I was setting my goals for  August of 2011 , I wrote:

Obsession, addiction….call it what you want but I just love intenSati so much! The only problem with this? I’ve really been lacking in my weight training and strength routine. I used to go to a strength class about three times a week. Lately, I’ve been going to maybe one strength class a week. I believe weight training is more important than cardio since it burns calories all day long after working out instead of just during that one hour of intense cardio. I see more results when I strength train and also feel stronger and more fit. 

I feel the exact same way five months later! I have a problem skipping intenSati for strength training so I end up not doing it at all.  Now that it is the start of 2012, I’ve decided to set the same goal for myself again. This time, I will go to a class called Refine Method at least twice a week. I will add a third strength class at Equinox such as 30/60/90 or Deep Extreme (both taught by intenSati instructors!) Let’s discuss Refine Method a bit more.

Back in September of 2010, I attended the Refine Method  Launch Party . Dori is close friends with the founder, Brynn Jinnett,  so I tagged along to see the studio and learn more about the class.

Me, Brynn, and 2010!

I took the class back then and loved it but got lazy and stopped going just because it was not convenient for me. I tend to only go to classes that are close to my work because I already spend long enough on the subway as it is. The studio is about a 40 minute commute from my work as well as from my apartment. I did not go for a whole year because of this which is pretty ridiculous considering how great of a workout it is. Luckily, I have Refine-obsessed friends that invited me to come to class last week during my vacation. Thank you Dori and Cameo . I had no plans or work for 12 days straight so I happily agreed to commute to the city to do Refine with friends! I am now hooked all over again and think the class is worth a little bit of extra time on the subway! But wait! I just got amazing news about ten minutes ago!

Refine is opening a second location in Union Square this Spring! 

This is perfect for me because I go to Equinox in Union Square almost every day and I can even walk there from work! Yes!

More About Refine ( from the website ):

Refine is a boutique fitness studio on the Upper East Side where small group classes are trained in our signature Refine Method. The Refine Method features a seamless circuit-style technique called Metabolic Resistance Training, utilizing our exclusive Refine equipment system. Our goal is to unite exercise science with the aesthetic objectives of our clientele.

Benefit from Cardio and Resistance Training Together: Through resistance training, we produce a cardio burn while building metabolically-active lean muscle, the antidote to traditional repetitive cardio and the most efficient way to change your shape.

I love that the class combines both strength and cardio into one hour. After a typical Core Fusion class, I still feel like I need cardio because I barely sweat. This is not the case at all with Refine! I am drenched after every class since it is very fast-paced and combines cardio intervals with challenging, full body strength moves. The class starts off with push ups and planks and is followed by three circuits which include strength moves using the pulley system as well as kettle bells. In between the strength exercises, there are fast cardio exercises such as sprints, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc. I went to class last night and we did squats, lunges, and more squats all while doing challenging arm exercises with the pulleys. Let’s just say I can barely walk today!  The instructors are amazing and not one class is ever the same. I know exactly why Refine was named New York Magazine’s Best New Workout of 2011 .

The first class is free so I highly suggest trying it out for yourself! For more information and class schedules, visit

I am very confident that if I stick with my goal and go to Refine two or three times a week, I will see results and will be in the best shape of my life.

Do you prefer boutique studio classes or a gym?

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