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A natural cure for allergy sufferers?

Posted Sep 28 2010 9:56pm

I’ve mentioned my at-times chronic allergies several times since beginning Chasing the Now last August. I battle normal seasonal allergies, but also some food allergies, as well. My food allergies rarely cause troubleI know which foods to avoid and thankfully they are not ingredients in most products. Pollen and dust allergies are much more difficult to predict, though, and at times even the over the counter allergy medicine I take daily hasn’t helped me much.

Enter an article I read on Women’s Health Magazine’s website how eating local honey can cure your seasonal allergies . The idea is that pollen in locally made honey can help your body acclimate to allergens. A bonus? Honey naturally contains anti-inflammatory and antibiotic enzymes, too.

My interest was piqued.


Luckily, our local-food-only market sells a small container of honey. I picked up some today during our weekly stop, and will begin implementing it into my diet regularly.


The recommended amount is about 2 teaspoons daily, though it is important to not be overzealous. The same pollen that makes you sick is still a component of this product and could potentially have the opposite effect desired. (I even read one article that claimed the amount of pollen in honey is equal to standing outside for an hour during allergy season.) I’m starting slow with a teaspoon a dayeither in my oatmeal or a cup of tea each morning.

Note: I have read several articles that carefully spell out the fact that NO formal studies have been done to prove honey can aid allergy sufferers. I have also read numerous testimonials of people who suffered from awful hay fever and pollen allergies, but after adding local honey into their diets no longer have any problems or have severely lessened their symptoms.

Basically, it’s the same concept as receiving allergy shots from your allergist. You slowly add a low dosage of the allergen into your body and allow yourself to adjust.


I’m willing to take a chance and see how it goes. For the first few weeks I will continue taking an over-the-counter allergy medicine, as well. I’ll report back with any progress I notice.

What do you think? Have you ever used a “natural cure” that worked? Please share!

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