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A Mixed Post Today.

Posted Dec 20 2011 8:25am

Do you want the good news of the bad news first? The good? OK great, me too. After I posted yesterday about how much I raised for the Alliance for Children Foundation, my unbelievably awesome parents donated another $350 to my fundraiser, which more than doubled what I originally had. The grand total of $670 dollars is going to make some kids very very very happy. Thanks Mom and Dad, you’re the best! With that extremely generous donation I reached my goal of raising at least $500 for the foundation. Woohoo! Thank you again to everyone who donated and supported my goal!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now onto the bad news. I went to the Orthopedic yesterday and my nagging knee problem could possible a small meniscus tear in my left knee and I have an MRI on Friday night. However, please note the word “possible”. The doctor also said he doesn’t want me running for 6 weeks, but I made him aware of the fact that I have a half marathon in February. We agreed to play it by ear after Friday and if I do the physical therapy I should be good to go and be able to do the Hyannis Half.

You don't scare me anymore!

 I have never had an injury in my life, besides some minor tendonitis in my shoulder from swimming 8 billion miles a day. Maybe I am not cut out for running? Maybe I really should just stick to the pool? I need something competitive in my life in order for me to be sane, I compete with people over everything. Its ingrained in my DNA I think. I like running because it is just as difficult as swimming (except for the 200 backstroke, nothing is harder than a 200 backstroke) and it was any easy switch from swimming since they have a lot of similarities. They are both time based, highly competitive in nature, measured in distance, and challenging day in and day out. The big difference in my mind between the two is the wear and tear on your body. Swimming is very low impact, while running is very high impact. Swimming is a very arm heavy sport, while most of the damage is being done to your legs in running. This leads me to believe that I developed this small knee problem because of the underdevelopment of my leg muscles. I think that if I try to strength my legs and increase my flexibility, I should see the knee pain disappear (hopefully).

Any suggestions for leg strengthening for runners? Are there any former swimmers that switched to running and have similar injuries and issues?

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