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A Midnight Run

Posted Jun 09 2013 8:34am
Workout Yesterday:
Race for the Cure 5K - Check
8 miles at Midnight - Check

Rewind time five years... I would've punched you in the face laughed at your face if you told me in 2013 I would run 8 miles in the dark, half on country roads. LAUGHED AT YOUR FACE.

One, because I simply wasn't a runner. That happened in late 2011 when my first ever race sucked me in... and from there, I was under the spell. 
and Two, because I had more important things in life... like shopping and drinking.

A few things have changed in five years. 

One, I'm a runner now... a marathoner to be specific. 
and Two, I don't drink and I only shop for our wedding. are we there yet, are we there yet?

If you would've asked me before the marathon if I was a runner yet... I would've told you no. I felt like a wannabe. In my loco mind, I had yet to achieve anything great. I didn't lose (notice how I did that there? lose... not loose? yes, that's an important distinction in the English language) weight, I hadn't completed the big 26.2, and I sure hadn't learned to love running. I felt fake. 

Even after completing the marathon I felt like I was missing the true runner bug. If there even was such a thing.

Last night, I got bit. hard. by that elusive runner bug.

I completed a 5K in the morning with some awesome friends... and needed to put down another 2 miles to complete my training for the day. If sitting on the floor wasting time on facebook for five hours equates to 2 running miles then yes, I put down those 2 miles with style. 
I checked the forecast for Sunday morning; thunderstorms and ickiness most of the day. It was 9:30pm on a lazy Saturday evening and I had this insane thought...

"Why not go for a midnight run?"

By 10:05pm I was out running. So not exactly midnight but I'm old so it felt like it.

I wore a headlamp around my waist (yes, you read that right) and one on my back that flashed so all the drunk drivers cars could see me running on the quiet country road. Only I don't think it worked because, although I could see the light from the headlamp, the cars pretended I wasn't there. I guess five years ago I would've done the same thing. #sadface 

Not to mention, the country roads create shadows and make noises in the middle of the night that are McCreepy.
I turned around and headed back to our small town a little before two miles. One, because I realized this might not be the safest decision and two, because I was scared. Picture this:

"Holy shit, I'm going to get eaten by a bobcat. I think I just heard him (always a him) over there."
...turn headlamp to look off into a field but keep running so you see nothing...
"Yes, that was definitely the bobcat. And now he's following me."


"I bet that car that just drove by, that didn't move to the other lane to give me space, is going to turn around, come back, and kidnap me. I just know it."

yes, I'm totally sane. 

Oh, and there actually was an apparent bobcat or cougar sighting I was made aware of right before my run. by one of my neighbors. awesome.

After I was back "in town" I ran the next six under street lamps feeling much safer and much more responsible. gooooood little runner. 

I finished those 8 miles and realized something... only a runner, a real, live, in the flesh runner would run at night. 

Holy pepperoni, I'm a runner! and even more importantly, I LOVE RUNNING.

Hugs and kisses, Steffi
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