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Posted Oct 26 2010 12:00am

Here in the United States it is autumn, the air is crisp, the trees are vibrant with color and children and parents are planning fall activities, picking out pumpkins and decorating their homes for Halloween, with Jack-O-lanterns, gourds of all shapes and sizes and spooky images of witches, ghost and goblins. In the Northeastern part of the country, farmers have completed their harvest and are preparing their land for the winter. Some farmers will open their farm to the public for hay rides and pumpkin picking. A few of these farmers will create a maze out of their corn field where children and parents alike will enter to see how long it takes them to maneuver to the other side where they will exit the maze.

Mazes have been around for hundreds of years. The very wealthy in Europe would often have mazes created out of tall hedge rows in their gardens. The walls of the maze would be tall so that you could not see what turn you need to take next. Children and adults both are compelled to experience a maze. A maze is like a living puzzle, there is an entrance and an exit, however to get to the exit you will experience moments where you will hit dead ends and times where you will find yourself going in circles. The more complicated the maze the more challenging it is and the more fun we have. We laugh as we find dead ends and make wrong turns and shout with glee when we reach the exit feeling the satisfaction of making it through the complications of the maze.

In many ways our journey is like a maze. We choose paths, some of the paths lead to dead ends, some of the paths take us in what seem to be endless circles, we make turns that don’t take us where we want to go and for most we are seeking the exit or we are seeking the prize in the middle. For most, life is viewed as a maze that has an entrance and an exit and many make it their goal to win by finding the exit or the prize in the middle. As we consider the analogy of the maze to our life we can see where we get frustrated with wrong turns and dead ends. We jump up high to see if we can catch a glimpse of the path so we can make what we believe are the correct turns. We seek ways to see beyond the walls of the maze, looking for shortcuts. We ask others along the way which way to go, what is the best path to take to get to the exit or the prize. We may feel lost and disoriented and come to believe that we will never “win”.

As I think about the analogy of the maze I realize two things, one there is no exit to get to, the exit is an illusion. The real prize is the maze itself. The real prize is all the experiences of the maze, all the turns, all the dead ends. The real prize is our journey through the maze and all of the discoveries we make a long the way.

I believe as we become more enlightened, that we in fact become lighter and that it is by our lightness that we levitate and we are able to look down upon the maze and clearly see all of the paths and understand that each twist and turn of the maze has purpose and meaning. From this elevated view we are able to embrace this maze which is our journey and through our spirit of love understand all the maze has to offer us.

This is an amazing journey you and I are on, love each step, even the dead ends and what we perceive as wrong turns. Remember to be aware of all the lessons along this amazing journey.

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