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A Look at the HP EliteBook 8440w Battery and Power Supply

Posted Dec 04 2013 3:15am

The  HP EliteBook 8440w battery  is an advanced laptop battery with a design geared toward reliability and longevity. This state of the art battery consists of 8 individual lithium ion cells. Having a total output of 14.4 volts, a capacity 4,400 milliampere hours and a total of 63 watt hours of power this HP laptop battery has the ability to provide power during long usage sessions on the go. The battery itself is black in color and has size dimensions of 268.50mm x 53.40mm x 20.20mm with a weight of 401 grams.


Overcharging: Myth Versus Legend

You may have heard people say that to extend the life of the  battery for HP EliteBook 8440w  you should remove it when plugged into electricity with the power supply. This is a confusing statement to many. Remember that heat is often the culprit causing harm with electronic devices and batteries. The truth is that when your laptop is plugged in and your battery reaches 100% the laptop stops charging the now fully charged battery. Therefore when we are speaking of overcharging a lithium-ion battery there is no harm in leaving the battery installed even when your laptop is connected to a power source.


The other side of the picture is that leaving your HP EliteBook 8440w battery installed while connected to a power source can contribute to more heating of the battery which can over time shorten its life. The true enemy to the  HP battery  by leaving it in the laptop continuously is the potential to heat the battery for extended periods not overcharging the battery as many people think. If your laptop is in good working order and operating within temperatures recommended by the manufacturer’s specifications then there really is no need to remove your HP battery when plugged in to a power source.


While your HP Elite laptop is connected to the HP EliteBook 8440w adapter it is not usually necessary to remove the battery. Unless you are running heavy applications on your laptop such as gaming etc. or not permitting adequate ventilation while operating your laptop then it is unlikely the battery will be harmed by overheating.


The  HP EliteBook 8440w adapter  ot  HP EliteBook 8530P adapter  weighs 820 grams and has HP’s smart technology design. The adaptor itself comes with a detachable power cord and has an input of 120-240 volts and an output power of 120 watts. The battery and adapter will bring years of trouble free service when properly cared for by the user.


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