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A Long Weekend Off the Grid - Realize, Recreate, Relax

Posted Oct 12 2010 3:05pm
Our normally scheduled time off the grid is Sundays.

David realized on Thursday night that he had the upcoming Monday off! So, we planned an impromptu time off the grid. 

We let the family know of course.

Off the grid - no cell phones, house phone, computers, work, get-togethers, etc. 

For real! 

No twitter, facebook, blog, email. Nothing!

We just hung out and played board games. 

Put in new outdoor shades for the back deck. 

Got out of bed as slowly as possible, unless Shadow's fast-paced trotting called for emergency "gotta go's".  

Read together, prayed together, laughed together. 
Had time to talk about so much...time to breathe.
Soaked in the quieting

 Realized how much "activity" and "stuff" we can cut out of our lives.
 We took a slow walk and caught this awesome sunset.

Right now, I just feel slowed down and relaxed. 

We all need time off the grid. Even one hour can allow for refocus, relaxation, and recreation. It's what we choose to do with our time off the grid.

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