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A Little Taste of Summer

Posted Aug 29 2011 9:00am

Holy man it was hot this weekend. It was an awesome taste of the summer we never got.

I pretty much spent all my time hanging around here.

(I know, you’re shocked)

With someone who didnt care that it was too hot to sit on my lap.

I may have been dying from heat stroke, but she was happy.

Because of the heat, I decided to skip  my run on Saturday and swim some laps instead. As it turns out, I am NOT in swimming shape. I think I got through fifteen (maybe twenty) minutes before I was completely exhausted.

On Sunday, I had a better idea. Run on the treadmill first, then jump in the pool and do some laps. That was far more successful. It gave me something to look forward to during the run, while I was sweating buckets in the garage/sauna.

I had an easier run on the treadmill than last time, because I had a lightbulb moment and opened up the garage door. A little air flow is an amazing thing.

I honestly do not understand how people can run long distances on the treadmill. I managed to get through 35 minutes, but by the end I was so bored out of my mind I could have cried. If it werent for Selena Gomez and Katy Perry, I dont know that I would have made it. Im just too ADD I guess.

For those of you that regularly do long distances on the treadmill, how do you keep from going crazy?

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