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A little bit of faith

Posted Feb 26 2011 12:00am
On life's journey, faith is nourishment

The one thing that really got me through my treatment was faith. Having complete faith that everything was unfolding exactly as it should and that, no matter what, everything would be ok. 

Up until recently I had never been religious or very spiritual, but I always thought that something, be it God or the Universe, was looking after things. I’ve had a very easy life and I guess I’ve always thought that we are never given any task we cannot handle or any challenge that we cannot get through. Whenever I look back on a situation, whether it is good or bad, I can often see why I had to go through it or can marvel at how perfectly things ‘just happened’ to turn out. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore – everything happens for a reason and exactly as it should.
As with many people faced with an unpleasant situation, my failing health lead me down a spiritual path. Unfortunately, it took being faced with cancer for me to realize how important it is to develop our spiritual nature. It is so easy to get caught up in this world and focus only on the mind and body. But when you realize how little control you really have in this life (through sudden ill health, natural disasters, etc) you start to think about what is really important. Suddenly, looking a certain way or owning a house or two can fall quickly by the wayside. 

Of course no one can tell you what to believe in or teach you to have faith. You have to find it for yourself – find what feels right for you. For me, finding a way to escape the suffering of this world, through meditation, has been such a blessing. I have an overwhelming sense of peace in my heart that cannot be described. 

I hope that everyone can find this peace and happiness within. 
“Outward peace is useless without inner peace,” Muhatma Gandhi.
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