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a lesson in: making sprints spiritual

Posted Jul 01 2013 9:10pm


As we all know by now, exercise is vital to a properly functioning, gorgeous, slim, natural body. Sweat generated from a heated internal environment is detoxifying, helps maintain a homeostatic body temperature, and improves circulation.

But is all sweat made equal? And how do we make a workout as amazing for the mind and the soul as it is for the body?

These are all questions that I ask myself each and every time I workout. Whether its going to a yoga or pilates class at the gym, dancing in my room, lifting weights, or going for a run- I try to make the exercise just as health-enhancing for my soul as it is for my body.


If we are practicing mindless exercise activities such as an hour on the elliptical, a medium-paced bike ride, or just any exercise in general that we don’t love- it will not benefit our bodies. If we are exercising with fear, hate, and disgust in ourselves- we won’t lose the weight, we won’t tone up, and we’ll end up where we started from.

So why sprints? It’s actually been proven that short bursts of high-intensity energetic exercise helps the body do it’s thing better than a long session of medium-intensity exercise can. After doing these sprints a couple times myself, something felt missing. I got the natural endorphins from the exercise itself, but that spiritual high that you get from a good yoga class was missing.


As you sprint in one direction: imagine fear chasing you. You are running as far as you can to get out of your fear.

And as you sprint in the opposite direction: imagine love with open arms at the end. Run into your love, your light, and your guidance.

Customize these spiritual sprints for yourself! Maybe you are sprinting away from disease, and into health. Or maybe you’re sprinting away from a bad relationship and into a loving one. You choose. Based on you.



And do yourself one last favor: take off those rainbow sneakers and run barefoot! As you exercise your body and your mind, you’ll feel the grounding connectedness that you get from your raw feet on the earth.

Now’s the time to love yourself into exercise. The underlying feeling as you workout should be one of body health, body love, and body acceptance.

So I dare you: next time you’re headed out the door to do some high-intensity exercise- chase fear out, and run love in.

{{{and take some sick pictures of our sacred mama gaya while you’re at it ;-)


If this post resonated with you, please keep in touch on my facebook page ~!!

with love and light- always.

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