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A House in Progress.

Posted May 16 2011 3:13pm

We have been working on the house ALL weekend, and it is finally starting to pay off!  Considering our belongings have only been here for five days, I think the progress is pretty impressive.  I hate taking a long time to get settled, especially since we have moved five million times.  Just for you, a few progress shots of how things are starting to look around here…

Even though we had boxes eveeeerywhere and I really wanted to organize my kitchen, the very first project I tackled in this house was the master bedroom closet.  Casey really needed to find his work clothes in order to go to the office, so that became priority number one.  Looking back, I am sooo glad I did it first.  It was a huge pain and I’m glad to have it out of the way.

IMG_9549 (427x640)

Once I bust out my power drill and hang a few hooks and organizers on the far wall, this side will be looking much better.  I also haven’t found that missing blue bin yet, which happens to be the one full of my underwear.  Anyone else find that concerning?  Good thing I packed a lot in my suitcase and have a washing machine available!

IMG_9550 (427x640)

Right now our bedroom is my favorite room in the house – probably because it’s the closest to being fully unpacked.  I am in love with our new (Target) bedding, and love finally having a big cushy comforter.  Can’t wait to get something hung above the bed!

IMG_9551 (640x419)

You may recall before we moved I said that Casey and I were going to implement a strict “no dogs in the bed” policy once we moved.  We bought new memory foam dog beds and put them on each side of the bed, crossed our fingers, and said a prayer.  By some miracle, the dogs are actually sleeping on them.  Every now and then there is a weak attempt to get on the bed that is immediately dismissed, but so far so good with the dogs sleeping on the floor!  It has made a HUGE difference in my quality of sleep!

IMG_9552 (640x427)

Looking back to moving day, here’s a before shot of the bedroom…

IMG_9457 (640x427)

And the same shot five days later!  Still some small things to find homes for, but overall a gigantic improvement.  I love all the light and windows in this room.

IMG_9553 (640x427)

Master bathroom on moving day…

IMG_9458 (427x640)

Master bathroom unpacked!  I have also discovered that I LOVE having a bathroom right off our bedroom.  This is my first time having a connected master bath, and I don’t think I can ever do a shared hallway bath again.

IMG_9554 (427x640)

Speaking of hallways, this one is struggling.  This is where things go that I don’t want to deal with – a landing zone for miscellaneous crap!

IMG_9555 (427x640)

Nursery on moving day, before we realized this couch would have to be repurposed into the living room

IMG_9460 (640x427)

Nursery today – now set up with a nice big aerobed for my little sis to sleep on while she stays with us this summer!  I’m hoping to get some nursery furniture sooner than later so that she doesn’t have to live in an empty room.  She will be here next weekend, and I can’t wait!

IMG_9556 (640x427)

Living room before, when we were still trying to figure out the best furniture setup…

IMG_9461 (640x427)

And the living room after, after much deliberation and several furniture layouts.  We played with this arrangement for days, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out – feels so open and inviting!

IMG_9557 (640x427)

View of the other side of the main living area on moving day – literally a WALL of boxes!

IMG_9454 (640x427)

And a similar view, with almost all boxes empties now.  There is still a lot of stuff sitting around, but it’s so much better than having boxes everywhere.

IMG_9558 (640x415)

I am SO happy to having our dining room table back in use.  We’ve already been working and eating at it every night – I forgot how nice it is to have a large table space!  Can’t wait until it’s all cleared off and looking pretty again.

IMG_9559 (640x412)

The other room that is almost finished is the KITCHEN!  Isn’t she looking good?

IMG_9560 (640x412)

The only issue I have with the kitchen is that the cabinets are all insanely high, which makes the higher shelves pretty much impossible for me to reach at only 5’3’’ tall.  I solved that problem with this handy little step stool from IKEA.  I also picked up the baskets above the refrigerator from Pottery Barn last night – they fit perfectly!

IMG_9562 (427x640)

Another before and after shot of the living area – moving day couch assembly…

IMG_9474 (640x427)

After, looking almost setup.  Still some decorating things to do like deal with ugly cords and hang things on walls, but overall – a BIG improvement!

IMG_9563 (640x427)

This hallway spot used to be a sea of boxes…

IMG_9455 (640x427)

And is now just a tiny pile of extra serving bowls and dishes.  My next big furniture purchase will be some sort of dining buffet or console to fill this space, and house our extra kitchenware.  I’m having a hard time deciding on a piece that I like that doesn’t cost a million dollars!

IMG_9564 (640x427)

Allow me to have a major home decorating nerd moment now.  The most exciting part of my weekend was the one big purchase we did make – a new rug for the living room area!  The rug that we originally used in our old living space is a big 6×9 rug from Crate and Barrel.  Once we got into the new house, we realized this rug was a better fit under our massive 7.5 foot dining room table.

IMG_9565 (640x427)

So we looked at rugs at IKEA and Target, but didn’t find anything we quite loved.  We decided to use a Pottery Barn giftcard leftover from Christmas, and splurge on a nice rug that will last for a long time!  I am so ridiculously excited about the rug that we ended up choosing – doesn’t it look like it was MADE to go with our other one?  Such a great complimentary set, and it really ties the room together now.

IMG_9566 (640x427)

There is still a lot to be done, but also a lot to be proud of in such a short amount of time.  Casey has been awesome about hauling carloads of boxes and packing paper to the recycling center down the street – having the empty things out of the house makes such a difference!

IMG_9569 (427x640)

Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have some finished shots to share with you guys – we’re getting close!  Today involves working, more unpacking, and much needed trips to Target and Trader Joe’s.  Planning to re-stock my kitchen so I can finally COOK tonight!

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