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A Healthy Transition

Posted Mar 28 2011 10:26pm
So, yesterday was horrible. I couldn't stop thinking about food for about the second part of the day. Sure any normal person will have cravings and think about sushi from Bamboo :) but I felt really dizzy around evening time, so I cheated and had some celery. I was getting nauseas and needed something tasty. Two half sticks to be exact. I didn't feel bad. Well why? Because I totally felt as if I was going to die. I know I can be a bit dramatic sometimes, but I dont know how people can do this. I mean, I don't think there's anything wrong with celery and baby carrots after a nice walk.

Even with my cheats, I weighed myself and I'm down 4lbs. I had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast with sliced tomato on double fiber multi-grain wheat bread, accompanied by green tea with honey and lemon and apple juice.

By the way I was able to pick up more "Fat Girl" products from Sephora. It's the best line out of anything I've tried. I already had the LoveHandler so I decided to grab FatGirlSleep and FatGirlSlim (already tried this one and loved it). Basically the product is massaged into trouble spots and drains your skin of bloat and caffine, also reducing the appearance of cellulite. AMAZING product. The sales woman just started using it so I was able to give her info on my experience with the bliss products. She gave me a sample of the FatGirlScrub, so I shall try that today. You can only spend so much money at Sephora... NOT!

Today I'll be enjoying tuna lettuce wraps for lunch after taking the dogs for a little walk. I've realized that starving myself isn't the way to go so if I can lose a little a week, I'll be happy.
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