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A Healthy Helper How-To

Posted Sep 10 2010 8:09pm

With ‘back to school season’ in full swing, I thought I would offer up some of my tips for having a healthy and happy new year at school. For all you students out there, I know it can be hard once school starts to balance school work, jobs, sports, social engagements, not to mention healthy living. With schedules booked and running around from one activity to the next, it can become hard to put time into your normal healthy habits. Here are my go to strategies for keeping up with healthy habits during hectic school year hours:

~Fuel up first thing: Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it jumpstart your metabolism, but with all the extra brain power you’ll be expending during long school days, the energy it provides is of great necessity. If your in a hurry in the mornings or aren’t a breakfast person, make sure to grab at least a little something. There are so many great portable options out there now. Try a fruit and nut bar (such as larabar or pure) and a piece of fruit or a naturally sweetened greek yogurt with cereal/granola and a hard boiled egg. Whatever you choose make sure to combine a protein with healthy fats and whole grain complex carbs for maximum satiety.

Don’t Sit Out: Take advantage of P.E. periods! Not only are they a great way to break up the monotony of sitting all day, but it is a great way to sneak some exercise into your day. So just join in. Gym class can be a great way to chat and meet new people that you wouldn’t normally be able to during classes. You don’t have to be athletic or good at sports to enjoy P.E., just getting up and moving around can be fun.

Love Your Lunch: Lunch is one of the few times during a school day when you can just relax, talk with your friends, and not worry about lectures, work, and taking notes. Make lunch as enjoyable and healthful as possible by packing your favorite whole foods. Not only will you enjoy your day more by packing some of your fav. foods for lunch, but you will get the much needed fuel to power you through the rest of your day.

Take a Break: When you get home from school give yourself time to unwind before jumping right into your homework. Take sometime to get a snack, watch your favorite afterschool show, do some yoga, or check your email. Letting your mind relax and getting your body out of school mode will not only make you feel better, but it will make getting your homework done easier. Starting homework with a fresh mind will not only help you focus but it will allow you to retain more of the information you are reviewing.

These are tips I practice everyday and use to help me get through school. I’ll be sharing some more back to school ideas over the next few weeks, including organization tips, healthy lunch and breakfast ideas, and study tips. Hope this helps!

Voskos Greek yogurt (one of my fav yogurt companies of all time!) had put out some great tips on back to school healthy eating too! Check it out !


Have you ever tried kale chips? I have seen them all over the blog world and have even tried to make them myself, but without too much success. My attempts have resulted in slightly burnt, semi-crunch, bland leaves. I was really excited to try some professionally made kale chips when I received a package from Earth Chips of Blue Mountain Organics .

Their two varieties: Coconut Curry and Cheese, are made with all natural, whole ingredients and are 100% raw and vegan.

When first opening the packages, I noticed how fragrant both flavors were. The cheese flavor (made with cashews and nutritional yeast) smelled of ooey-gooey melted nacho cheese while the coconut curry smelled of flavorful indian dish.

I was a little disappointed with the coconut curry flavor as I found it a bit bland.  I expected a flavor explosion highlighting the coconut and curry flavors but sadly there wasn’t much too it. These chips smelled awesome but the taste was just okay. UPDATE: After giving these chips a second chance……I really really like them! The subtle coconut flavor has really grown on me and they are kind of addicting. Disreguard my initial review!

The cheese flavor on the other hand was out of this world. Addicting in fact! SO cheesy tasting. I almost couldn’t believe that these babies are vegan AND raw. The incredible cheese flavor reminded me of the the Nabisco cheese sandwich crackers I used to eat as a kid. Ahhh nostalgia. I wish I could recreate these, but I don’t think I could ever even get close to how crunchy these chips were.

Both the cheese and the coconut curry kale chips were amazingly crunchy! The consistency reminded me of kettle cooked chips. Taste aside, I enjoyed both of these just for the crunch. It was like biting into an actual potato chip, except that these are vegetable, only have 2 grams of healthy fat per serving, and are made with pure, natural ingredients.

I really liked these and am currently looking if there is anyway I can add these specific kale chips or something like them to my shop . Kale is one of my fav veggies as it is so a big thanks to Earth Chips of Blue Mountain Organics for introducing me to a whole new way to enjoy it.

Let me show you the HEARTy snack I had tonight.

Heart thrives return. Love these muffin/cookie/scone like treats. On the side: a small orange and nectarine and some pumpkin pie yogurt.

Goodnight all and TGIF!


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