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A Healthy Breakfast on the Road or on the Go!

Posted Feb 19 2013 10:04pm

I have many clients who travel on a weekly basis, some flying, some driving, and some who don't travel but head straight to work from their morning workout and either don't eat breakfast or they eat the unhealthy option provided.  Eating nothing for breakfast is potentially worse than eating the unhealthy option.  I have to say I think I have perfected the travel breakfast, we will call it the "breakfast on the go."  
Two years ago, I attended a Pilates conference and I thought, a fitness conference they will most definitely provide healthy and convenient breakfast and snacks...WRONG.  Since then I have brought my own filling, healthy, satiating, and well-rounded breakfast.  

Before I leave, I portion out the appropriate amount of oatmeal and place it in a ziplock bag.  I then pack an on-the-go squeeze nut butter, Justin's Almond Butter (specifically vanilla) is my favorite. To prepare the breakfast in your room.  Use the coffee maker to get hot water and grab one of the coffee mugs. Use 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 1 cup of water (eyeball it, if you don't bring along measuring cups).  Squeeze in your nut butter and stir!  When getting to the hotel I try to grab a piece of fresh fruit from the lobby, coffee shop, or closest convenient store.  Eat the banana or fruit of choice on the side or add it to your oatmeal.  There ya go, you can now forego that donut that might be waiting for you in the conference room!

How do you stay healthy when traveling?  What are you favorite stay on track tips?

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