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A Health Coach Can Help You Cope With The Manhattan Lifestyle

Posted Nov 13 2012 10:42pm

Few places in the world move at the speed and pace of New York City.  Leading the charge for the five boroughs is the borough of Manhattan.  A place where people are always trying to squeeze two minutes into one.  Unfortunately, this frenetic pace causes people to make quick decisions which can be greatly influenced by convenience and instant gratification.  It is this collection of less than ideal decisions that can negatively to one's overall health.  When you find yourself stuck in this pattern and in need of a change, it may be time to seek the services of a Manhattan health coach.

A health coach is someone with whom you can discuss many of the issues and goals you have everyday.  They are there to help anyone interested in making lifestyle improvements.  Through a health assessment and consultation, they can help you figure out what triggers poor decision making and assist you in coming up with solutions to allow you to make better choices.  Below are some of the main items that can trigger poor decision making.  As you will see, they are a bit intertwined.

A great day ahead starts with a restful sleep the night before.  Counter that with the notion that New York is the city that never sleeps and you have problem number one for most people.  Most people just don't get enough sleep.  Dissecting your evening routine is a quick way to begin developing healthy sleep habits.   You will discover how activities you believe are innocuous are really affecting your downtime.   Sending that last email, watching the last few innings of a baseball game, or surfing the internet to plan some recreational events are all items that seem like a good idea to get done just before bed, but in reality they keep your mind working too long into the night.   A better idea is to write down these things so you don’t forget to do them over the next day.   You will wake up refreshed and ready to tackle what you set out to do.

Something that is greatly affected by getting enough sleep is your eating.   Those who are sleepy, reach for the quick and easy breakfast rather than the smart choices.   On the streets of Manhattan, it seems like there is a coffee cart on almost every corner.   Grabbing a coffee and a bagel or donut is what most people call breakfast.   Ahealth coach Manhattan, not only focuses on helping you make lifestyle improvements, but they are also well versed in proper nutrition.   They can help you fix those sleep habits, so you wake refreshed, and then teach you to bypass the coffee cart for something else near your office.   Or better yet, they can help you establish a food plan to make a quick and healthy breakfast at home the night before, the morning of, or pick up something new on the way to the office.

A growing number of personal trainers are also getting the certification required to be ahealth coach Manhattan, too.   This means they can also help you with establishing a fitness program and incorporating exercise into a busy work week.    While many people make exercise the focal point of their plan to get healthy, it may be more important to identify the factors during the day that actually trigger a person to make the less than ideal decisions.   It is the process of identifying these triggers, knowing when they are happening, and learning not to make the wrong decision.   Consciously employing the plans you discussed with health coach will be your path to successfully overcoming them.

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