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A Girl Has to Have Her Snacks!

Posted Mar 24 2011 8:08pm

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful afternoon! This morning was quite eventful! Casey and I decided to take advantage of our morning by bringing Mitsy to my parents so that she could run free in their backyard while we went about bought fishing licenses! After we set Mitsy up with a fresh bowl of water and unhitched her from her leash, we turned to walk back inside. However, when I turned the handle, the door was locked! I even checked it before I went outside…but for some reason it didn’t open. My mom and Katy are in Dallas for a volleyball tournament, my dad was working, and Michelle was with Kai getting his car fixed! All we had was a garage, Mitsy, Casey’s phone and my camera! I have to admit that with it being almost 10:30 my first thought was that my granola bar was in the car and I didn’t have any other type of food on me. What can I say…I am one hungry girl! :) I am so used to my morning snack! Thank goodness Casey was there to be the voice of reason and take control of the situation. He used his phone to call Michelle and we asked her if she could come and let us back in. She is definitely a wonderful sister and immediately left to save us!

In the mean time, I rumaged through the garage and found my pogo-stick that I bought when I was in 7th grade! I entertained Casey by pogo-sticking until Michelle came!

It was honestly really nice to just relax in the sun :)
After Michelle came and saved us we headed to eat lunch! I ate my leftover fish taco, some veggies, humus, and a kiwi! It was perfect!

We are off to attempt to buy our fishing licenses again! I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!

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