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A fun way to get fit and feel good

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:21pm

"An idea is just a dream until you write it down...

then it's a goal." - anonymous

Yes, I know. Just a few posts ago I'm claiming we should all uncork the good wine and eat more chocolate for our New Year's resolutions. And now I'm joining the exercise bandwagon. This is my motto in life: it is all about moderation. We can have our fun (in moderation), eat what we like (in moderation) but we also need to take care of business, you and me :) Besides, I really do like to workout and I have a few pounds to shed. I call them "Molly Pounds". Molly is now 6-months old (picture big cheeks that you want to eat!) so no more excuses, it's time for mamma to get out there.

I'm kicking off my "get fit, feel good" journey by using the 5.5 square inch fitbook, a fitness journal that will be my new best friend. I'm going to share everything with this tiny book. If you're on a journey to get fit or thinking about it...definitely check out this fun, inspirational, get you movin' fitbook to help you log your fitness plan, fitness goals an Click here to see inside the fitbook! d accomplishments!

How the fitbook will inspire you: It offers a unique 12-week planning system. You will make a game plan to reach your overall goals, plan on a weekly basis, and track your workouts and food daily. Logging this info daily will make it fun, holds you accountable and gets you that much closer to your goals. And finally - reflect on your accomplishments and reward yourself!

What I love about the fitbook, fitness journal:

  • It is the perfect size. Not too big but not too small. You can take it everywhere!
  • Offers fitness tips, doses of inspiration, resources and a food log guide.
  • Look at your schedule for the week ahead and jot down when you can work out. It is now an appointment.
  • Track what you eat (or don't eat) throughout the day with a food log and nutrient tracker. There's also a spot to check off if you've taken your multivitamin for the day.
  • Rate your workout: killer, good, so-so, blah, oops-missed it

Here's to us having fun, getting fit, and feeling good in 2009!

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