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A fresh purse tofu, let your health "flourishing"

Posted May 06 2013 5:22am
  Today, Iron Chef to recommend a light and delicious steamed food - purse tofu.
  Subject: purse tofu
  Ingredients: a North tofu, spinach 100 grams, two fine ham, 1 egg white, starch, salt, sesame oil, white pepper, cheap christian louboutin online  cooking wine, stock amount
  Tofu washed, remove the external crust with a knife blade cut into mud, adding a little salt, pepper, egg white, dry starch, cooking wine, stir, ham cut into fine alternative;
  2, the marinated tofu mud extruded balls,  discount louboutin for sale   hand by the flat into the dish, sprinkle the ham at the end, on the pot and steam for 5 minutes stereotypes;
  3 Wash the spinach into boiling water blanch, remove the code in a large bowl, steamed tofu cake on the spinach;
  4, the broth boil,  cheap louboutin shoes sale   add the appropriate salt seasoning, water starch thicken the sauce evenly in a packed tofu cake bowl, then evenly topped with a spoonful of sesame oil.
  , Steam cooking is simple, delicious and more nutritious
  Steam cooking method refers to seasoning food ingredients on the containers,  christian louboutin outlet online   and then into the steamer steam so that the maturing process. Depending on the food raw materials can be divided into three kinds of steam over high heat over medium heat and simmered in steam. While this cooking style looks very simple, but steamed retain the original flavor of food and not susceptible to other taste masking, the easiest to get that original flavor of the food, cheap christian louboutin pumps  so most seafood and vegetables with steamed cooking It is the most delicious way to eat. Moreover, the process of steaming the dishes do not need to be carried out flip, can be said that the color, flavor and retain the most complete way of cooking.
  From a nutritional point of view, steamed currently most nutritionists a nod to a way of cooking,  christian louboutin men shoes   it is not only the most delicious food to maintain the original flavor, and be able to avoid the excessive intake of oil and salt in the cooking process , and thus prevent obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and other chronic diseases. The same time, compared to boiled, steamed cooking can retain a lot of water-soluble vitamins should not loss, can be said that the nutrients retained the most complete way of cooking.  red bottom shoes on sale   Nutritionists are also recommended to make use of the water vapor to healthy cooking.
  , Steamed tofu is the most nutritious way of eating soy products
  Tofu is soy products, in brine, plaster tofu process, on the basis of quality protein will increase the calcium, magnesium and other useful elements into the human body, can be said to have an inexpensive and nutritious food. Directly made with soy food, the human its protein digestion and absorption rate of only 65%, the and made steamed tofu after digestion and absorption rate can be increased to 92% to 95%. Visible,  cheap christian louboutin heels   steamed tofu is the soybean family at the most beneficial.
  Steamed Tofu is not only delicious food, it also has the role of health care. Traditional Chinese medical texts: steamed tofu, sweet and cool, and into the stomach to the large intestine, with Qi and fluid detoxification effect, can be used for red eye, diabetes, Hugh dysentery embolism, and extract sulfur, shochu of the drug. These are gradually modern medicine, nutrition pool sure, for example, steamed tofu solution is the role of alcohol poisoning; the steamed tofu Diabetes, good food for people with diabetes.  cheap christian louboutin outlet   The saying goes, "vegetables steamed tofu security and peace", which is steamed tofu nutrition and health value Compliments. May wish to eat steamed tofu!
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