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A Free Friday

Posted Jan 29 2010 12:00am

Now that it’s Friday, I can say that the week went fast. And I’m so glad the work week is done because there is nothing on the agenda for tonight except catching up on the magazine’s that have piled up on my table. So let’s get with the eats, shall we? :D GEDC7457

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • crushed pineapple
  • Sahale walnut snack mix GEDC7455

Here are some snacks that I enjoyed today… GEDC7464 GEDC7459 GEDC7460 GEDC7461

The pineapple flax muffins turned out perfectly. They’re nice and big and filling…healthy, too!

I got all set to go to the gym today and had just started on the elliptical when a co worker came to get me because the school had called that DS needed his inhaler. CRAP! So off I went to the school. Thankfully my office, house and school are all on the same route so I was there pretty quick. DS doesn’t have asthma in the “traditional” sense. It’s more environmentally driven and his main symptoms are cough and tightness of the chest. Normally spring and fall are the worst for him, but extreme cold can trigger it, too. And it is COLD today! Minus 21*C (around 4*F) with the wind chill. YIKES! They had been out for recess when he started complaining. A few puffs later and he was a new man. :)

Back at work I warmed up my very last serving of 10 minute chicken and rice soup: GEDC7462

I also spread 2 Ryvita crackers with a LC cheese wedge and topped them with some red pepper strips. GEDC7463

I picked DD up right after work to deliver her to a b-day party. After eating pizza and cake the girls are going to see The Tooth Fairy”. She was pretty excited to go! Then I dropped half my pay cheque worth of money (just kidding…..maybe) off to DS’s power skating coach. While gone my hubby got dinner together. GEDC7465

Grilled turkey sausage, steamed veggies and I warmed up the chickpeas. In the centre of my plate is some Ted Readers peach bourbon sauce for dipping. Food always tastes better when someone else cooks it, eh? ;) I came across one of my favourite ever chocolate bars on top of the fridge after eating. GEDC7466

Not sure if I was suppose to touch it, but I cut that baby in half and savoured each delicious bite.

My boys are currently watching one of Don Cherry Rock’em Sock’em videos. Man, some of those hits are outrageous! I told DS that when (if) he gets to a level of hockey where that kind of hitting takes place I won’t be able to watch. I think my head will be stuck in my hands the whole time! *shiver*

So, what crazy, wonderful plans does everyone have for the weekend? Mine will be fairly low key. DS has a 2 hour practice tomorrow and then we’ll go to the store to get grab bag goodies for his glow in the dark mini golf party on Sunday. Should be blasty!

Bye for now!!

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