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A Few of My New Favorite Things…

Posted Feb 02 2011 12:54am

I’m always excited when I find wellness products that really work for me that I want to share the information with others. So…. here few of my new favorite things:

Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack . I’m addicted to this wonderful dried seaweed snack. Loaded with trace minerals, seaweed is a great source of natural iodine and  despite its somewhat salty flavor, it’s relatively low in sodium. It’s also low in calories – only 30 calories per half-package-serving, but it’s loaded with flavor. I love it chopped up in salads or just straight out of the bag.

Speaking of green things, I love Whole Foods new line of frozen veggies . Part of their 365 Everyday Value line, the eight new very affordable vegetable and vegetable combos are flash frozen at their peak and packaged without any additives. My favorite is the Leafy Greens, a blend of kale, collard greens and mustard greens. So easy to prepare and best of all, you can blend it with other vegetables to obtain an even greater variety in one meal.

A product that’s been around forever, but was nevertheless new to me,  castor oil has really helped my Achilles tendonitis and heel bursitis.You can make a castor oil pack using wool or felt or just apply the oil and cover the area and apply some mild heat to the area to increase penetration. I slather it on my foot, cover it with a sock and sleep on it. It always feels better in the morning.

Teatime is a wonderful little local teahouse I frequent, but you don’t have to live locally to enjoy their teas as they are available for sale on-line. My favorite is their Balance Tea , a soothing Avurvedic blend of cardamom, licorice, coriander, fennel, ginger root, and rose petals. It is my favorite winter time tea or for anytime I’m feeling out of balance or stressed.

Even with the winter season upon us, if’ you’re exercising outdoors, you still need to wear sunblock. Aquasport and Terrasport (made by All-Terrain) are all natural sunblocks (as opposed to sunscreens) that are great for active people. They contain “Z-cote”, an invisible zinc oxide/titanium oxide mix along with other natural ingredients. Unlike most sunblocks, Terrasport does a nice job of disappearing into your skin within a few minutes of application. The Aquasport is a bit thicker but trust me, it stays on in the water, which makes it great for any water exercise. Both of these products are great for people with sensitive skin or for kids.

Speaking of skin, I’m now a big fan of  Jergen’s Shea Butter lotion . A client of mine recently turned me on to this inexpensive skin enhancer. Not only does it nicely rehydrate my skin after hours in the pool, it also gives my skin a nice glow. My Mom suffers from eczema and it’s really helped her condition.

For more wellness product recommendations, check out the Carolyn Recommends page on my website.

Be Well,


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