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A Fearless Weekend

Posted Dec 05 2011 4:57pm

This weekend was all about…


This weekend was a whirlwind…and by “whirlwind” I’m referring to two things: the raucous Santa Ana winds (these winds usually hit SoCal every fall/winter) and the crazy, busy weekend Lara and I had all around LA!

I know most Southern Californians hate these windstorms, but Lara and I absolutely LOVE them.  They can be a little scary, but overall, I think it’s a pretty cool phenomenon that reminds you of mother nature’s power.  I first noticed the arrival of these winds on Wednesday when I was in Manhattan Beach.  I was getting ready in the locker room of my gym and all of a sudden the power went out.  Awesome.  Here I am getting ready, blow drying my hair and I can’t see a thing.  Perfect.  I could hear the guys in the gym yelling stuff and us girls all started laughing. It was pretty funny.  The power finally came back and five minutes later it happened again.  Thankfully I was pretty much ready to go.  I headed into the parking lot and I was met by intense gusts of winds…on to the beach I went.

The waves crashed down and roared, the winds howled, and people were running a muck (well, just a little, haha). “Is this what a minor hurricane looks like?” I thought.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  It was unreal.

Moving on…Thursday night Lara and I went to Book Club in West Hollywood.  I’m not sure who exactly started the book club, but it’s organized every month by Jenny, the beautiful, sweet and talented Dessert Darling blogger. She’s the “sweet tooth with the sweet truth”.  If you love desserts you’ll no doubt love her blog.  It’s amazing!

Anyway, getting back to Book Club, we discussed the book of the month (obviously), but the majority of the time was spent chatting and laughing away.  Conversation went in all directions, starting with muscle testing, the importance of organic foods, Miss Representation , infidelity (the book of the month was The Paris Wife , which involved a lot of infidelity), I Ching , and much more!

Friday was spent in Orange County.  We had a bunch of meetings, caught up on a lot of work, and met up with an old friend.  There’s nothing like old friendships…they really are priceless. (I’m sounding a little sappy now, sorry.)

On Saturday we had a photo shoot in Hollywood for Healthy is the New Skinny .  (More details to come on this very soon!)  It was a great time.  If you’re unfamiliar with Healthy is the New Skinny  get acquainted .

We spent Saturday night in Manhattan Beach with friends who introduced us to a little quaint bar called The Side Door .  It’s tiny, but very cozy (perfect for a winter evening out).  I’ve already made plans to go back this Thursday night…(two of my girlfriends from Notre Dame are visiting from Chicago…can’t wait)!

Sunday was jam-packed.  I woke up early for a run and realized that I misplaced my running shoes the day before. I was not a happy camper. That meant my only option was to do something that didn’t involve running shoes…YOGA!  Lara absolutely loves yoga, while it’s a chore to get me to a class.  I always feel great after I do it, but somehow it’s extremely tough to get into the habit of going. Well, I finally had no excuse.  I checked the online schedule at Equinox and got to the Vinyasa Yoga class fifteen minutes early (or so I thought).  Um, what?!  The class had already started and the studio was full.  I checked the posted schedule and apparently they were already 30 minutes through.  There goes yoga!

I drove back to the beach and decided I’d at least get a walk in before Lara and I had to meet up with some friends for lunch in Santa Monica.  It was such a beautiful day.  Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to get a rigorous work out in for the day, I was able to give my body some much needed rest by enjoying a walk on the beach (sans a man, haha).

For lunch, Lara and I met up with our friend Emily at Tender Greens  in Santa Monica.  (We’ll be posting a review this week on this amazing eatery.)  Oh, it was good!  We rushed off from lunch and got ready to go to a friend’s place for drinks and hors d’oeuvres before the premiere of the Ski Channel’s new movie, Winter, at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood.

I had no idea what to expect for this premiere.  I envisioned a ski-bum filled theater watching a snowy-white screen of ridiculous ski stunts.  Was I right?  Well, a little.  There were definitely a lot of ski bums and ski enthusiasts at the premiere, as well as your typical Hollywood crowd.  It was a cool vibe.  We were all there to see the incredible feats of inspiring action and mountain sports athletes, some of which included Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety, women’s ski pioneer Sarah Burke and world record holder Simon Dumont.

To say that this film was an inspiring work of art is an understatement.  The fearless attitudes of the amazing athletes featured in the film is beyond palpable.  They do what they absolutely love with little or no fear.  They constantly push their limits and play with death.  Their messages of triumph, despair and strength are unlike any I have ever heard.  Check out the trailer for Winter here .

My challenge for you this week is to be FEARLESS.  Everyday we come across people of all different walks. Each has a story to tell.  Each is inspiring in his or her own way.  And each person persevered by pushing through and being fearless.  Imagine what we all could do if we didn’t doubt ourselves?  We would be very surprised!

So my goal this week is to be fearless.  What is your goal?



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