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A fabulous weekend of running ahead!

Posted Jun 19 2013 4:28pm
It's only Wednesday and I'm already super excited about the weekend.  In fact, I've actually been excited about this weekend for months and am so happy that it's finally here.  So what's all the excitement about?

Well that would be because it's...

Sounds fun, huh? (and us, I purposely picked the goofiest
picture I could find of myself)
That's right, it's Nikki, Krista and Sarah's Fabulous Weekend of Running!  And a weekend chock full of running it will be!

It started somewhere back at the beginning of the year when the idea of a little girls trip away to run the Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon came into being.  The plan would be to drive down on Friday afternoon, do a little cross-border shopping, a little pre-race "fuelling" at Cheesecake Factory, run all that cheesecake off at RnRSEA on Saturday morning and then drive back home that afternoon.

The fun continued when somewhere along the line the idea of also running the Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon on Sunday came up.  Two half marathons in one weekend?  Sure!  Why not?  I've done lots of back-to-back weekend runs but never a two half marathon weekend, sounds great.  And, this little duo will even be good enough to get us Jupiter status with the Half Fanatics - thank you very much!

I'm looking forward to running Scotiabank again because it was my second-ever half marathon and the first time I ever had a great race photo.  Check it out...

So let's see, so far our fabulous weekend consists of RnRSEA half on Saturday, Scotiabank Vancouver half on Sunday but why not a little bit more?

The great folks at the Surrey Marathon are holding an awesome Marathon Kick-Off Event on Friday morning
  • Whole wheat pancakes - yes please!
  • Fitness classes - you bet!
  • Trevor Linden - hot stuff!
  • Broadcast on Global News - I'm gonna be famous! (well, not really)
  • Registration discounts - thank you!
Seriously, it sounds like a great event and so Krista and I are going to trek down at the crack of dawn to be there for the start of the event at 5:00 am.  We'll get a bit of exercise, nosh on a few flapjacks and of course, enjoy the excitement and community vibe that seems to be a part of everything associated with this great running event.  

We have to hit the road for Seattle a little later that morning but we're going to take in as much as we can.

So yes, it's going to be one fabulous weekend of running and great friends.  I can't wait!  The running part will be fun but the time away with the girls is just as awesome (if not more awesome in some ways).  Sounds like a nice little group of people from our running store will be down there too so we're going to try and coerce them into imbibing with us at Cheesecake Factory...
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