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A Dell Inspiron-1300-04 Adapter Can Work Wonders for Many Dell Netbooks

Posted Jul 01 2013 7:52am

Dell Inspiron -1300-04 adapter  can be utilized to work well on a Dell Mini Netbook among many others. It is a Dell adapter that should provide a laptop with an appropriate amount of power without forcing too much weight onto the laptop.


The Inspiron -1300-04 adapter is a 19.5-volt battery that uses a small connector to fit into a laptop's power outlet. The connector is 5.5x1.7mm in size and is linked up with a locking motion that will make it fit as well into the laptop as possible. The connector is smaller in diameter than the main rubber body that it protrudes out of but it is typically utilized this way to keep a strong setup going while making it harder for the connector to potentially come loose from the notebook's outlet.


The  Dell adapter  will create about 30 watts of power, thus providing the laptop with enough energy to get it to power up as quickly as possible. It also uses a four foot power cord so it will be relatively easy to use this laptop even as it is being charged.


In addition, the Dell Inspiron -1300-04 adapter will charge the computer up without creating a huge amount of space in a laptop bag. The block used on the adapter is only three inches in length and weighs about a pound, thus preventing it from being a burden.


Several safety features are used in the Dell  Inspiron -1300-04 charger  to make sure the battery does not work improperly. It uses over voltage protection and short circuit protection to keep the battery from malfunctioning, overheating or causing other electrical issues. The safety qualifications and features are particularly emphasized through the symbols found on the adapter's brick body.


An important feature of the Dell Inspiron -1300-04 charger worth noticing is the way how it works on so many Dell laptop models. It particularly works with Dell Inspiron Mini 10 laptops but it can also be used on the Inspiron 1090 and Mini 9. The Latitude ST and Vostro A90 are two other Dell models that can utilize this charger.


This Dell charger should be able to work with just about any Dell laptop that uses an input voltage of about 18 to 20 volts. However, it may help to see if the laptop actually has the battery jack outlet that can actually read the plug. It must particularly be capable of quickly moving itself into the laptop.


The price of this Dell adapter will vary based on the type of adapter being used and its overall model. Most places will sell it for around twenty to forty dollars on average although an OEM model might go for fifteen dollars in some places. Most places also utilize one year warranty on their batteries with the purpose of protecting the customer and creating a sense of security when making an order.


The Dell  Inspiron -1300-04 battery  should do enough for all the needs that anyone with a Dell Mini Netbook has for getting such a notebook powered up. It is not too hard to use and will create enough energy to quickly power up the computer.


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