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A Day in the Life of a Raw Vegan Foodie (with a case of the wanderlusts)

Posted Jan 11 2013 9:11pm

I wake up at 6. A bit disoriented because I sleep with ear plugs in my hostel. I do some light stretching and breathing exercises, drink a glass of lemon water and eat a banana. I then sit down to write. I write down my intentions for the day and try and come up with some amazing affirmation. This morning my half asleep half awake brain fails at this, so I pick one from my list (“every cell in my body vibrates with energy and vitality”).

I then roll out my Yoga mat and struggle through a workout. Long gone are the days I cranked out a BodyRock workout a few times a week with relative ease…

After all that pain and torture I sit down to devour the best breakfast I can imagine; half an ice cold, juicy watermelon!

I hop on one of the bikes and exactly one song later (Flo Rida’s Good Feeling. Every. Single. Morning) me & coconut lady have a 2 second chat in Spanglish (broken English (her) and broken Spanish (me) and I buy a coconut to rehydrate. I find a nice spot on the beach and read for about an hour (though the book is really more something to keep me busy while tanning). This hour every day makes me intensely happy and grateful; in the sun, with a coconut, looking out over the ocean… wow <3. On my way back I fill my stainless steel bottle with fresh coconut water to which I add chlorella back at the hostel.

I pack my backpack with my trusty macbook and notepad, grab my hoop, and walk over to Naked Foods . Naked Foods is a raw food cafe a mere 1 minute walk from my hostel (a coincidence? I think not). It is run by two cool Cali guys and it has a pool. I announced this my new office.

I went in for an innocent chocolate macaroon but I walked out with a jar of raw nutella and a bag of dried banana. I mindlessly dipped all morning while writing for my new secret project (lets see how long I can keep it a secret lol). Oops right! I must say the cacao infused me with creativity however it was hard to sit still, which I do need to crank out a good writing session. Oh well, I took plenty of hooping breaks to release some energy <3

In the afternoon I walk ‘home’ to have lunch; more watermelon, yum yum! I read for a little and chat with some of the surfers at my hostel. I made friends with a really amazing dutch couple, I love them so much already! Feels awkward talking Dutch again though after 2 months…. (or anytime of the year, really, lol).

I walk back and install myself at ‘the office’ again for just a few more hours of working. Not a very focused afternoon, I waste a lot of time on the Intarwebz. Anyone else do this?? I have mac apps that can block Facebook and the like but erm, I can simply do CMD + Q (quit) to shut down the app. It’s kind of liking hiding candy for yourself. It doesn’t work.

I might have accidentally had a bliss ball too….

Around 5pm I drop off my stuff at the hostel, grab my head phones, and cross over to the beach again. I have been making a sunset beach walk almost every day here fueled with music and then a few days ago I accidentally started DANCE WALKING! Wow how I had missed that! I get some looks but mostly lots of ‘thumbs ups’ and big smiles!

Back at the hostel I eat another banana, and an avocado with a little pepper and salt.

I spend the evening writing in my journal, reading and chatting with some friends on facebook/whatsapp. I put on a short yoga video ( and stretch my body before I turn in at 9ish.

So that was my day! How was yours?


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