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A Day In The Life + WIAW

Posted Dec 18 2012 9:59pm

I realize that it has almost been a year since I last wrote a “day in the life” post. EEK. So much has changed in our daily routine so I thought I would share! This is what our day was like yesterday with Emmalyne being 14 months old.  This post is also my “ What I Ate Wednesday “.  Thanks Jenn for hosting!


6:30AM My alarm goes off. I ignore it.


7:00AM I actually get up. Let the dogs out, start making breakfast, and slam a cup of coffee while reading my favorite blog posts.


7:30AM I go get Em out of bed. She has been up for 15-20 minutes but happily talking.


8:00AM It’s time for breakfast.


WIAW Breakfast


I scrambled eggs with egg whites and topped it off with salsa, some fruit and a slice of whole wheat toast on the side.  Em has the same thing but isn’t quite so dainty.


Emmalyne Breakfast


After breakfast Em goes into the living room to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I clean up the kitchen and wipe of the mess she’s left.  She is transfixed and clutches her Minnie tight while yelling “Mickey” at the TV.  I finish cleaning up the kitchen, make my bed, and change into workout clothes.


9:00AM  Go get Emmalyne ready for the day.  She hates having clothes put on so she tries to alligator death roll of the changing table.  I somehow manage to get her dressed.


9:30AM   Gym time for mom!  I did a 3.5 mile run on the treadmill and a quick CrossFit WOD while Em played in the nursery.


Wednesday Workout


11:00AM  Emmalyne and I met Heather for lunch at one of our favorite local places – Uptown Deli.  I got a salad with a scoop of chicken salad.  Emmie stole half my salad.  Girl had a thing for lettuce today.


WIAW Lunch


12:00-2:00PM  Emmalyne takes a nap.  I scurry around the house accomplishing my chores for the day, spend a few minutes on blog stuff, spend some time on my Army volunteering stuff, and frantically check things off my “to-do” list.


2:00 PM  Em is up and ready to go.  After a quick diaper change she and I share a snack and hang out on the couch for a few minute.


3:00PM  Chris is on half days right now so he actually gets home around this time.  We put Em in the BOB and leash the dogs and head out for a family walk.  When he’s not home, Em and I take the dogs on our own.  She LOVES helping hold the leash.


Dogs Walking


3:30-5:30PM  It’s play time!  Chris takes Em outside today.  Other days we read books, play outside, or work on puzzles.


Emmalyne Playing

Daddy and Emmie


5:30-6:30 PM  Typically this is when I cook dinner and we eat.  On good days Chris gets home between 6:00-6:30.  Some days it’s later.  Last night he and Em were on their own for dinner and he was in charge.  He said they had chicken tacos ;)


6:30 PM  Bath time and bedtime routine.  Now that means after bath Emmalyne gets dried with the hair dryer, brushes her teeth, reads a book, and gets her blanket.


7:00 PM  Prompt bedtime.  Christ typically rocks her for a few minutes and turns on the sleep sheep.  We put her in bed awake and she goes right to sleep.


Last night I had book club with some lovely Savannah ladies, including my girl Victoria .  Last night was less book and more club with grilled personal pizzas, wine, and white elephant gifts.  I got my first Trevis cup and it was a fantastic night!


Book Club Personal Pizzas


7:00-7:30 PM  While Chris puts Em to bed I clean up the kitchen and pick up the living room putting all of Em’s toys away and generally re-organize our lives to start again the next day.


7:30-9:00 PM  I finish whatever work I didn’t get done throughout the day.


9:00-10:00 PM  Chris and I watch whatever show is on the agenda for the day and spend some time together.


10:00 PM  I head to bed and call it a night.


**On days where we need to run errands we will do those in the afternoon after nap time.

**I eat snacks throughout the day but did not photograph them yesterday because I forgot.  Instead I included gratuitous photos of Em since those have been lacking lately.  You’re welcome ;)


Our days tend to follow the same, predictable pattern.  I try hard to keep Emmalyne’s nap time the same every day even though she is pretty flexible and goes with the flow.  While our days may seem repetitive, these are the moments I will cherish for a lifetime.


**Don’t forget to enter my Under Armour Spine RPM running shoes if you haven’t already!  Do so HERE .


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