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A Day in My Life, Life as an Open Book, Sunlight, Tanning & Vitamin D

Posted Aug 07 2010 10:45am
Hi Friends!  The weekend's here.  Yay!  My plans include spending time with Scott and Skylar, running some errands, working, and just trying to get in a little down timeNot sure how much that is going to fully happen, but I'm going to try!

I have no idea if you guys will find this interesting, but I always want to know what other blogger's days and real lives are like.  Like, what do they do when they're not blogging, what do the streets in their area look like, where do they go, basically, what is their life like outside of the food they post about on their blog.  Sorry, it gets way too boring for me to only read about what people eat!  I like to read about Their Life, too!

So here's a snapshot of my day and what I did yesterday afternoon with Skylar.

First, we packaged up a box of Kombucha and A Scoby and mailed it to a woman who contacted me in another part of California after finding my my Craigslist ad for Kombucha Scoby Mushrooms and Kombucha.
This was actually quite a bit of work.  Not gonna lie.  Luckily I had the box on hand, but I still needed to carefully wrap and package everything.

Taped it all up, drove to the Post Office, waited in a very long line with Skylar, filled out paperwork and insure it and finally mailed it off.

And of course, I had to make the kombucha and grow the scoby, first!
So, not sure if I will do any more mail orders, but this woman has been super sweet and I wanted to help her out and she was buying enough quantity that it made it more worthwhile.  So don't you all start emailing me saying you want $5 dollars worth of kombucha mailed to you.  Not gonna happen...haha!

So after the Post Office, with our trusty almond & raisin snack baggie in hand...

...We made our way to the next stop:  Radio Shack to see if I could find a computer gadget I need.
 The place was a zoo, they were sold out of everything I had my eye on, and it was a bust out.  I need to hit up Best Buy but tried Radio Shack first because it was so close to home.  

Then, we carried on to the Bank where Skylar danced while I ATM'ed.
 Note the Whole Foods in the background.  Thankfully I didn't need WF's, TJ's, or the regular grocery.    
Thank God each and every one of these stores are within 8 city blocks of each other or I would be in big trouble on a Friday afternoon with traffic and Friday chaos in general.

Finally, I went across the street to tan.  Yes, I admit it.  In the past couple weeks, I decided to tan a few times a week.  See, this is what bloggers do:  We have real lives.  99% of other bloggers just keep their lives private and don't let you in on their "dirt".

But I decided to keep it real, Raise My Right Hand, and say Yep, I tan.   
 Please do not write to me and tell me how awful this is and that I am subjecting myself to horrible evils in the world.  I'm a big girl and do it.  I bet other people do it too; I just post about it whereas they don't.  If you don't like to tan, great.   I do.  No rag-on-Averie-about-tanning-and-skin-cancer mail, please.  Don't need it. 

I don't believe that 12 minutes of tanning is worse for me than 12 minutes of real sun.  Most people are chronically Vitamin D, and in particular Vitamin D3, depleted and deficient.  Which manifests in everything from insomnia to inflammation to mood disturbances to osteoporosis.  Google Vitamin D deficiency and you'll get more info than you knew existed.

Anyway, I blasted myself for 12 minutes and we got back in the car and came home.  Skylar waits in the lobby for me and colors.

It was time for cooking, veggie pre-chopping, and snacks.   I fixed us some Mango Ginger Maple Tofu that I had already cooked and had waiting in the fridge.  Perfect to grab a few slices on the fly.

And I had previously made a batch of Spicy "Doritos" Cheezy Dip with veggies for dipping.

So, there you have it, a day in the life of my errands and a few snacks. 

Before this, I had hit up Home Gym & Bowflex for a workout in the garage.  Not really ideal scenery, but it's better than the grunting, sweating people at the gym who swarm the place on Friday.  It's like they think if they workout hard on Friday, they will be all set and for the weekend and can skip the rest of their workouts all weekend and go out drinking with a Hall Pass because they got that Friday workout session in.  haha!  Doesn't quite work that way, but I am just glad to workout at home some days, for sure!
   The Garage Home Gym is coming along!  

On days I already have tons of errands and running around to do and am pressed for time, the option to grab by 12 pound weights, my balls, spread out my yoga mat, and get my workout in at 

I do use the Bowflex but am finding the changing of cables from one exercise to the next is very cumbersome and I hate interrupting my "Zone" and my having my heart rate drop and I can feel myself lose mojo when I have to change the cables and re-configure it.  So I just keep things set up for legs/squats and use it for those items, and unless I have extra time to fiddle around with the cables, for everything else in my workout, I do with a pair of 12 pound dumbbells, 2 balls, one yoga mat, and 10 years of yoga/pilates moves that I have in my brain.

From Thursday...
I loved hearing your stories of how you entertained yourself as a kid.  It seems that tons of you put on shows, singing and dancing recitals, talent shows, variety shows, you name it, you got super creative and would perform for any audience you could find to watch.

That's how I was, too, as a kid and my little Miley Cyrus loving tune-belter is the same already!

I also mentioned that now that I have a part-time job , it's going to be increasingly hard for me to comment 'round the 'sphere at the pace that I have been.  I am not going to change things on my own blog, but I simply cannot comment on as many blogs any more.  I am so grateful to anyone who leaves me a comment, and please know I am reading your blog in stealth on my Reader and just not clicking off as much.  So, ifyou're used to getting comments from me and you may see my commenting frequency lagging a smidge, you know why but that I am still reading.

And I am so glad you guys appreciated my Updated Recipes Tab!   Since Thursday, I also went in and updated it some more with Breakfast Ideas, Muffins, Pancakes, More Desserts, and Beverages/Smoothies.  So, please check it out!   I worked hard on the and so will plug it, shamelessly!

Dessert No Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Balls-With High Protein Option

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab : Upper Body Workout & Abs

Tip of the Day:  My Terra Chips $25 Prize Pack Give Away !
Terra Chips
Have fun everyone!  Thanks Terra Chips !

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1. Best thing you've eaten, done, or have plans to do this weekend?
Me = About to go on a nice power walk with the family and spend some quality time chatting and catching up.  I feel like I haven't seen Scott in forever? 

2. Do you ever feel like you and your significant other are ships passing in the night?  That life is so busy that you "see" each other but you hardly have time to catch up on the important things?
I do for sure but always make sure to find time to reconnect and catch up on life in general that gets lost in the shuffle during the hubbub of the week.

3.  Have you ever tanned in a tanning bed?  Do you do it now?  Do you think this differs from the real sun?  Do you expose yourself to either natural or artificial sunlight?  If not, why? 
As I said in the post, I do tan and have tanned in a tanning bed on and off over the course of my life, from the time I was a teenager.  Wrinkles, skin cancer, duly noted. 

I also live in Southern California and I believe there's more "risk" of wrinkles and skin cancer just walking around in one's daily life outdoors, being outside in general, going to the beach, going to parks, you name it, but I don't live in fear.  In fact, I love the boost to my mood from the sun and for me, I believe that I am doing my body some good by helping it get the natural Vitamin D it needs (which is nearly impossible to get from diet) and yes, I could take supplements, but I prefer going to the source, not pills, whenever possible. 

In general, 10 minutes a few times a week either outside or in a tanning bed, isn't a big deal to me at all.  If it is to you, I totally respect that.  We all need to respect everyone's choices on things in life from tanning beds to parenting practices to dietary paths.  Diversity and tolerance are so important!

4.  My life as an Open Book.  How much of an open book is your life? How much do Total Strangers Know about You?
Talking about tanning or admitting to using Splenda that I posted about here and also answered questions people had about it here , I never signed up to be the Poster Child for "Perfect" Holistic Living.  This blog is a reflection of my life, my real life, "imperfections", beauty, glory, whatever, all rolled into it.

I also posted here about why I hate the word "perfect"; our lives are shades of gray and a series of choices, none to me should be labeled perfect or horrible, but you can read my thoughts here .

Anyway, I never signed up to be Miss Raw Vegan Holistic America, yet readers write to me in "shock" sometimes that they never thought "I would do something like that"Really?  I use Splenda and Tan.  Who cares!   I post about it rather than do things in secret which is more than I think many people can say or do.

How much of an open book is your life?  I go to some blogs that are very open and forthcoming about most aspects of their lives, but most seem to keep much of their "real life" very off-blog and private.

How Open are you on your Blog about your Life?  Of if you don't have a blog, how much do you let total strangers in on your world?   Let's not forget, total and complete strangers know me, I don't know them.  That side of things does give me pause and makes me wonder sometimes, for sure. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!  Check out that Recipes Tab and go unplug, be with your friends and family and soak up Real Life!

Stay Tuned For The Weekend Recap...
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