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A Consciousness of Abundance In a Time of Perceived Scarcity

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm


In the last 6 months one cannot pick up a newspaper, turn on the radio or television without hearing about the global economic crisis that we are currently in. The almost continuous news headline is some version of the economic crisis, home foreclosures, banks going bankrupt, major companies which have become international institutions asking for government bail outs, record unemployment, etc. Not only do we hear about the global economic crisis from the news media, the marketing gurus are also attempting to use this current state of affairs as way to market their products and in doing so they perpetuate the thought of scarcity.

In many ways we are in a consciousness of scarcity. You see it and hear it in the news, we hear it at the dinner table, we hear it at the weekend barbecue. Many people are very focused on scarcity rather than abundance. Many of us are being impacted by job loss, wage cuts, no annual raises or bonuses, etc. In many ways we are feeling the impact of a crisis in the global economy. For many their lives have dramatically changed due to the changes in are global economy.

With all that is happening it is very easy to fall prey to a perception of scarcity or scarcity in the near future.

When the global consciousness becomes that of scarcity then our total consciousness perpetuates scarcity rather than abundance. The question we have to ask ourselves is, are we living in a time of scarcity or are we living in a time of abundance? Does having less material things today than I had yesterday indicate that my life is one of scarcity or abundance? I ask you to take a look around, are you in living in a world of scarcity or one of abundance? If you were to lose or give away 50% of your material belongings today would you be living a life of scarcity or abundance? Consider all that you have, your car, your house, all of the things in your house, the furniture, the electronics, the appliances. Consider all of the “stuff” inside the garage, the basement and the attic. Do you rent a storage unit? The fact that in the United States that the storage unit business is a multi-billion dollar industry is a indicator that many people live such a materially abundant life that they don’t have enough space to house it all and must rent additional space to store their abundance. Interesting when you consider it all, isn’t it?

Can you picture 50% less? Hopefully you can. Could you say that with 50% less that you would be living a life of scarcity; probably not? Take it down another 25%, are you living a life of scarcity now? If you really think about it, the answer is probably not, you would probably still say that you are living a life of abundance.

I have met people who by many peoples viewpoint are living a life which economically would be defined as poverty who truly believe they are living an abundant life, so abundant in fact that they readily share what little they do have. These people do not have a consciousness of scarcity; they have a consciousness of abundance. They believe they live an abundant life and they are the first to share all of the abundance that comes their way.

The fact is that we do live an abundant life and we live in a universe of unbridled abundance. We live a life of abundance in many ways that go beyond the material things in our life. Take away all my possession, strip me naked and place me in a field and I would still proclaim that I live a life of abundance!

It is critical that we have a consciousness of abundance! Our consciousness has direct impact on the universe in which we live. Our collective consciousness moves mountains and has a far greater impact than we know how to measure.

Know that we live a life of abundance, know that even now when many voices are saying otherwise that we live and will continue to live an abundant life, an life of such abundance that we shall be eternally grateful for.

Note I am not saying that we should stick our collective heads in the sand and pretend that what is happening in this world is not happening. I am saying that we must acknowledge the abundant life which we live with eyes wide open. Every time that you hear the voice of scarcity remember to say to yourself, thank-you for the abundant life that I have and may I always remember to share my abundance for I have so much that I must give some of it to others for them also to know the abundance of this Universe!

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