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A chiropractor’s experience with immune balancing EpiCor

Posted Mar 13 2012 2:20pm

OK, here’s a completely gratuitous, biased, determinedly unscientific, unpublished (except for here) testimonial from an EpiCor fan.

The spouse of an Embria Health Sciences executive passed along the comment below recently after a visit to her chiropractor.

John, some info from my Chiropractor appt. yesterday.  She really touts EpiCor.

I wanted to let you know what my Chiropractor told me yesterday.  She has many of her patients on EpiCor now because she feels, after taking it herself, it has kept her and her family from spreading illness and has kept them from getting sick in the first place.  She has since put her husband and 4 yr. old son on it as well.  Her sister has a 3 yr. old son with allergies that has kept him sick on a continual basis.   She has said that they would be in the doctor’s office with each illness (about monthly) and nothing else has helped him the way EpiCor has.  She has had Briggs on it for about three months and is convinced that EpiCor is the key for him.

Yay EpiCor!


The only reasons I’m posting this are 1) it’s nice to see some real-world experiences once in a while, beyond just the published studies, pilot studies 2) This experience mirrors my own.

Beyond that, don’t take this as anything that’s proof positive about anything. Just an individual anecdote.

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