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A (Beer) Weekend Recap

Posted Jan 13 2014 9:37pm

Hello there!  I figured I’d start off this week’s post recapping the highlights of my weekend.  I managed to do all of the weekday workouts I had planned, including a cardio crosstrain sesh on Friday after work.  I rocked my new Oiselle tee!


Ignore the messfest my hair was having that day.  I did a pretty sweaty run of elliptical, then ventured home to shower off and get ready for dinner.  Dan and I made plans to (finally) hit up Teresa’s Next Door Bar in Wayne!  I’ve been wanting to bring him there since we met.  Their beer list is one of the best in the Main Line, and they have amazing food to match it!  I spotted a piece of décor I may eventually have to obtain… somehow.


I have no idea where I’d put it, but I want it.  The rest of Friday night was spent hanging with the kitters and relaxing.


Saturday was supposed to be the start of my long runs, but the weather was absolute crap.  I know some people braved it, but I was easily swayed (by Dan) to engage in a slightly different activity.  A week or so ago we ventured to Keystone Homebrew in Montgomeryville and picked out the ingredients for our very first homebrew together!  I had already done an all-grain kit before that came out really well.  We settled on a dark pilsner and this Saturday was the perfect time to get that started!  We brought all my gear over to his house, set everything up, and started the brewing!


Everything smelled amazing, especially the Czech Saaz hops!  I have a feeling our beer is going to be a nice, roasty-tasting lager.  The fermentation is now under way and on Wed we’ll assemble the airlock on the carboy and cross our fingers!  Saturday night was a friend’s birthday party which included drinking delicious beer at Strangelove’s and The Farmers Cabinet !  My favorite of the night was an oak smoke beer .  It was like drinking roasty bacon.  Trust me, it was magical.

Sunday we had company over for dinner, so running this weekend was now officially a wash.  Luckily, I nearly made up the mileage during my soccer game on Sunday night.  I made sure to wear my fitbit one to get an idea of how much running I did during the game and even though it’s an estimate, I think I covered what I needed to do this weekend anyway.


I had to shift my schedule today as well.  The plan was 3 easy miles after work, but it looks like my Mon night co-ed team won’t have any subs for the girls at all, so I figured that’ll cover me again.  I’ll hit the treadmill tomorrow after work along with some weights.  I love how it’s barely into week 2 and I’m already adjusting things in my plan, typical.  I figure as long as I get in the right amount of minutes and most of the mileage, I’ll be good during the base-building portion of the training.  We’ll see!  Smile

PS – I highly recommend any of the three establishments mentioned in this post for food/beer.  You will not be let down!

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