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A 4th of July to Remember

Posted Jul 05 2012 11:59am
Is anyone else totally disoriented after the middle-of-the-week holiday? When I woke up this morning, I could have sworn it was Sunday. Anywho, let’s back-track a bit, shall we? (If you’re following me in Instagram , you know I had a pretty stellar holiday!)

Fourth of July Eve

On Tuesday evening, I packed my bags and drove to Raquel’s house. Her boyfriend, Kiel, picked us up and the three of us drove south to Narragansett. We chatted and listened to lots of old school rock on the way. The sun was setting and there was a light breeze, which made for an extra-special car ride. We arrived safely and ready to have some beach-side fun! 

There were a bunch of people meeting up with us for the night, all of whom planned to spend the evening at Kiel’s beach house. We drove to three gas stations before finding one that would adequately pump air into the air mattress.

Success! Kiel looks so focused. ;-)

After getting situated, the three of us drove to Crazy Burger  for some food. I’d already eaten dinner and wasn’t that hungry but I’d heard such great things about this cafe and juice bar that I couldn’t not order something!

The inside was so cozy. It had a distinct retro diner vibe, which we all loved. We slid into a booth and were greeted with vintage place settings and decor.

Freshly squeezed juice? Sign me up! I ordered a pear/ginger/apple juice, as recommended by our lovely waitress, and Raquel opted for the peach-pineapple lemonade. Aside from my juice being room temperature (I prefer my juice ice cold), I really loved it! Plopping a few ice cubes into my glass did the trick.

Looking at the menu, I already couldn’t wait to visit Crazy Burger in the near future for a post-beach day meal. The vegan enchiladas and pumpkin-sage risotto both sounded so great! I kept it simple and ordered the corn & sweet potato chowder which came with homemade croutons (!!!) and a side salad with housemade mango-lime dressing. 

Everything was really tasty, and I can’t wait to go back with Matty soon! Speaking of him, I knew it would be a poor idea to leave the boy hanging so I ordered him a chocolate peanut butter shake to go. Naturally, I sampled it once several times – you know, just to make sure it was up to par – and it was fantastic! Matty met us at the beach house after he got out of work. When faced with the option of his shake and the option of moscato, he, like a champ, made the best of both worlds.

That’s my man.

We shared a glass of moscato before heading out to a local bar with Raquel, Kiel, and three of Kiel’s friends. We had a blast just talking and laughing the night away!

We’re fun. ;-)  

Fourth of July

The original plan was to go to Block Island for the day but the weather had other plans. We packed up and headed homewards and…gasp…were greeted by sunshine! Matty and I enjoyed a beautiful walk around my neighborhood and nearby lake.

Hand-holding, beautiful scenery, and talking about life all made for the best kind of exercise yesterday. We worked up a sweat and an appetite! Matty suggested hitting up Rasoi , our favorite Indian restaurant, because he had enough  Swipely points to make our meal practically free (it actually ended up costing $0.13!). Side note: If you’re not on Swipely already, get on it!

We started off with the usual pappadum and dippers.

 It was too hot for me to crave a warm entree, so I stuck with the tride and true tofu salad with lime-cilantro vinaigrette. So fresh!

After our lovely meal, we parted ways. Matty went to play soccer with a friend and I did a Tone It Up workout: Beach Babe Bikini Abs and Bikini Booty toning routines. Just 25 minutes was all I needed! I stretched for a good while and then took a glorious nap before heading to Matty’s neighbors’ house for some festivities!

When I saw Matty and his friend Steve sitting in identical folding chairs and sporting identical cross-legged positions, I had to snap a photo of their bromance. You think I have some competition? ;-)

We chatted and snacked away.


Steve made guacamole and we enjoyed it with these new-to-me Garden of Eatin’ (love the pun!) paprika-spiced blue corn tortilla chips. I ate about a million of them – they were so, so delicious! Nothing like good food and company.  

Steve, Matty, and I, along with their friend Brian, had plans to night hike up Blue Hills to watch the Boston Pops Fireworks from the top of one of the peaks. Steve has been hiking his entire life, so we were in good hands. The four of us packed water, beers for the guys, and head gear – and we were off!

I was excited but also totally nervous! I’m somewhat petrified of the pitch black dark (especially in the woods) but I love hiking so I sucked it up and joined the boys – and I am so glad that I did! The four of us hiked 30 minutes to the top of Buck Hill and the view was unreal. We watched the entire Boston Pops Fireworks show! It was truly the perfect way to cap off the holiday.

Hope you all had an amazing holiday, soaked up the sun, and spent time with people you love!

Stay lovely,

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