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9 Tips to Replenish Your Mind and Body at Work

Posted Mar 05 2013 6:30am

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Work Life Balance Even people who are devoted to their jobs sometimes experience depression , especially, on days when work load is more and the stress is overwhelming. The good news is that there are different ways to eliminate these emotions even when actions and events make them quite justified. Here are some great ideas to help you replenish your mind and body at work.

1. Organize your work load Organize your work load by priority and set aside time for each task. Avoid over-time work whenever possible and coordinate that day with your days off to maximize personal leisure time. Avoid additional work at the office when your schedule is full. By doing so, you will be working in a stress-free atmosphere.

2. Take a small break and go outside This is an effective way you can try out to replenish your mind. If possible, take a break every hour and walk around your work place. Even a couple of minutes outside can make a huge difference. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Pat your face with a damp towel, go out and experience the fresh air, but don’t smoke. Do some stretches or take the stairs. It will improve your blood circulation and help you be more alert and aware. This clears your mind so that, when you get back to your desk you’ll be ready to proceed with your business.

If your job restricts you from moving around during its working hours, you have to try other methods. Also, if it requires you in a standing position for prolonged periods, try exercising other muscles by performing squats and gentle stretching.

3. Keep proper posture While at work, you may often find your knee locked into place and you may also have an aching back. And, your left hand remains inactive. Sit with your back straight and feet flat on the floor. By doing so, you’ll enjoy your work throughout the day.

4. Make use of lunch hour Don’t limit your lunch hour only for eating. Use this hour to unwind and prepare for the rest of your day. Avoid munching on a snack at your desk while getting involved with your responsibilities. Use half of your lunch hour to move around your neighborhood, and make an effort to stay in green atmosphere. This type of relaxation is an excellent way to help you feel better, look better and perform better.

Instead of consuming food from canteens and hotels, it is better to carry healthy home-made food. They not only boost your energy levels but also keep your brain fed and active. If you’ve got very little time to eat and you’re in a hurry, then, choose snacks rich in vitamin B which help reduce stress. Avoid sugar and carbohydrates that suck your energy. Foods that lack vitamin B will alter insulin levels, thereby, leading to depression and lack of concentration.

5. Snack in-between Instead of waiting for the lunch break, why not munch on fresh cut fruits? Yes, you can do this to grab the energy that you thought coffee would do. Fresh fruits are rich sources of vitamins and fiber which keep you full throughout the day. Moreover, these fruits have wonderful aromas that can have some positive impact on your work. Fresh citrus fragrance makes you more alert and inspired. The natural aroma of fresh strawberries is found to alleviate depression and to drive away the fear of guilt.

6. Listen to music After your lunch, relax for few minutes. Put your ear phones on, and listen to some soft music. This soothes your mental resources and makes you more confident at your work.

7. Reduce your coffee intake Although it might seem like this brew is able to keep you active, it can sometimes put you down. It is often too easy to rely on several cups of coffee over the course of the day. Sometimes, even after having several cups, you may not feel energetic. So, it is the time to throw away your habit of regular intake of coffee. It only makes you feel stressed out and also makes you want more of it. If you are too addicted to it, then drink only one single cup in the morning. For the rest of the day at work, drinking water regularly will nourish your body and will also help to ease out your stress.

8. Avoid office gossip The best way to replenish your mind and body at work is to stay from office politics. While office gossip can entertain you to some extent, it can also have a negative impact on the office atmosphere in general. The social disputes that arise due to such issues can spoil the office atmosphere. Instead of standing around with your colleagues, concentrate on your work and maintain your own inner peace.

9. Set measurable objectives Instead of doing your tasks without any objective, list them and mark them as you get them done. Whenever you achieve something, celebrate it. This will help you to attain a positive mindset while others find the same task as a burden for them.

Final Thoughts Work does not have to be scary and a stressful experience. You need to approach it in the right way to maintain a positive outlook and a proactive mindset. Take steps to ensure that you stay active, refreshed and absolutely capable of doing justice to your job.

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