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9 Mile Hike!

Posted May 16 2010 7:45pm

Hello! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I had an amazing day yesterday. I went on a 9-mile hike! My sister found an ad in a magazine for a company called Outdooor Bound Adventures.  We are both active and love doing adventurous excursions outdoors. The company has everything from horseback riding to wine tastings to mountain climbing. We did a little research and found a hike called the Raccoon Brook Hike . It is described as a moderate level 9 -mile hike through rugged terrain.

The Raccoon Brook Hill Hike is notable for the marvelous diversity of its terrain and scenery. Join us as we climb to several high vantage points for fine views of the countryside and changing leaves.

Throughout the hike, pass large boulders, wander through mountain laurel tickets, glimpse understories of blueberry bushes and cross intermittent streams. As you continue to climb, you will reach a rock ledge covered in scrub oak and pitch pine with a dramatic overlook of Harriman State Park to the southwest. After one more particularly steep climb (there is a wooden ladder in place to help in one of the steepest parts) you will reach the summit of Raccoon Brook Hill at 1,150 feet.

The trip included transportation to and from the city. It was only $59.00 per person for the 8 hour day. Better yet, they gave us a $5.00 discount for bringing a friend.We thought it was a great deal for an all day tour and we both really needed a break from the busy city. My sister and I arrived at our meeting spot in the city at 8:00 in the morning. We were instructed to bring lunch, 3 liters of water, and hiking boots. I ordered hiking boots last week but they were too small so I wore sneakers instead. I was fine but probably could have used the extra grippage for all of the rocks. Our tour guide did a bag check to make sure we all had 3 liters of water. I was a bottle short so she made me go to the bodega and buy a bottle! I was thankful for that later though.  There were about 15 of us and we drove an hour away in a big white van. After a night of drinking, I enjoyed a big Starbucks coffee during the ride there. Let’s just say I was very excited about the restroom at the Visitor’s Center once we arrived. Once we arrived,the first thing I heard was, “The Visitor’s Center bathroom is locked.” Our tour guide was very aware of this and told us to all find a spot in the woods! I guess I should have expected that! We did not get to use a normal restroom until our ride home. Just a warning in case anyone decides to do this trip!

We started our hike by climbing up crazy steep paths. We had to climb rocks, jump over rivers, and slide down mountains. It was hard! It was an amazing workout. The weather was perfect and the view from the top of the mountains was beautiful!





We got to stop every 20 minutes or so to hydrate (and pee in the woods). I was not expecting the hike to be so intense. There was a ton of climbing up reallly steep mountains! Luckily everyone in our group was very fit so we kept a fast pace the entire way. We hiked for 4 hours straight before lunch!






Eventually we arrived at the lake which meant it was LUNCH TIME!! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for lunch. 4 hours of intense exercise=famished Missy!



We found a nice little spot against the lake to relax and eat. My sister and I brought turkey sandwiches, popchips, fruit, and a nut mix. It was the best turkey sandwich ever.


A few people from our tour jumped in the lake! It was tempting but they said it was freezing and their body went numb. No thanks!


We pretty much collapsed until 2:00 when it was time to start the hike again. We saw some cute animals while lounging around! 






We were all exhausted and sore after lunch but we still had 3 more hours of intense hiking! We had to climb down all of these rocks and hills after lunch. I only managed to fall once!


The end of the hike was in the woods along a river. It was really relaxing. Everyone seemed to stop talking and just enjoy the scenery. I don’t even remember the last hour. My mind was completely zoned out. It was a really nice form of meditation.



6 hours later, we finished the 9 miles! It was an amazing and challenging hike. Our tour guide was incredibly nice too.  There is another hike with a wine tasting at the end that we plan on doing in July. If anyone is interested let me know!

Once we arrived back in the city, we met my sister’s husband at a restaurant called Boat Basin Cafe for some much needed drinks! The view from our table was beautiful!


I celebrated with 3 sangrias :)


Along with a delicious hummus sandwich.


Perfect day. It was great to breathe in fresh air and just hear birds chirping all day. Back to reality today! I am incredibly sore but it feels good! It is always nice to get away from the gym for a different type of workout.

Have you ever been on a hike? How long and where?

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