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9 major benefits for the baby to eat coarse grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy balanced diet

Posted May 07 2013 4:33pm
  So-called coarse grains, in addition to polished rice, enriched flour or standard powder other than cereals, such as millet, maize, sorghum, rice and other children eat whole grains fruits and vegetables What are the benefits? Mothers should pay attention to the baby in the growth and development of important stage, cheap hermes outlet  not only to their favorite things Oh.
  A clean environment in vivo
  The coarse grains and fresh vegetables and fruits, the content of dietary fiber, some plant fiber with a balanced diet, improve digestion and absorption and excretion of important physiological functions, Hermes bracelet sale  plays a special role of the "cleansers".
  2 Control your baby obese
  Dietary fiber can be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract than its own weight of water times or even several times, so that the original volume and weight increases several times, and the formation of a gel-like substance in the gastrointestinal tract and produce satiety, cheap hermes shoes  eating less , which will help control weight.
  3. The prevention of diabetes in children
  Dietary fiber can slow down the speed of the intestinal absorption of sugar, to avoid the phenomenon of postprandial hyperglycemia, improve glucose tolerance of the human body, which will help to stabilize blood sugar. Dietary fiber can also inhibit glucagon secretion, Cheap hermes belt  promote insulin to fully play its role.
  4 relieve the pain of constipation
  Fine in the daily diet eat do not eat coarse baby, due to the lack of plant fiber, easily lead to constipation. Therefore, let your baby daily amount to eat dietary fiber, cheap hermes handbags outlet  can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, accelerate defecation discharge, but also relieve the pain caused by constipation.
  5 helps to reduce cancer
  Increased incidence of cancer in children is closely related to poor eating habits. University of Cambridge, UK nutritionists Bingham study, eating more starchy foods, the lower the incidence of colorectal cancer.
  6. Cardiovascular protection
  If you often let your baby eat more whole grains, plant fiber can be combined with the bile acids in the gut, cheap hermes bags  reducing the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, play to prevent atherosclerosis, cardiovascular protection role.
  7. Prevention of osteoporosis
  Baby eat meat and sweets too much body fluid can become weak acid from weak alkaline. To maintain the acid-base balance of the human body environment, it will consume a large amount of calcium, leading to bone decalcification and osteoporosis. Therefore, eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, cheap hermes purses  can make bones strong.
  8. Beneficial to the skin fitness
  Baby eat meat and sweets too much to produce a lot of toxins in the digestion process in the gastrointestinal tract, skin erosion. Eat more coarse grains, vegetables, can promote the removal of toxins, fitness beneficial to the skin.
  Maintenance of dental health 9.
  Often eat more whole grains, can not only promote the development of baby chewing muscles and gums and the teeth rinse to get rid of dirt, play clean the mouth, dental caries prevention, hermes jewelry outlet  maintenance of periodontal health effect.
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