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#9. I killed him Gilbert, I killed him!

Posted May 23 2010 4:05pm

My plant…. I killed him.

 (this video is for reference to my quote…you’ll get it)

#9. Attempt to keep a plant alive…. has fallen short. Plant fail.

Let me tell you a story about my plant…

He was born last year, circa April 2009. It was a warm spring day, and Silvia and I took a trip to Ikea. There he was all alone on the shelf. Next to all the other succulent plants…behind the beavertail cacti, the totem pole cacti….sits still; my aloe plant. It was love at first site. I knew he would sit proudly by my side and rescue you me when I burned myself for the 100th time cooking or styling my hair with the hot iron…

Oh we had some laughs…like when I burned my forehead with the curling iron. There he was sitting on my dresser, offering me assistance, to soothe my gross blister already forming…

And when the Fall struck, the baking began and he waited patiently on the table as I burned my forearm for the 3rd time trying to take the pie out of the oven. He was always there for me.

He had a hard time dealing with the move, though. I wanted him to feel welcomed among the other plants, and he flourished for awhile. He was even fine with the cats who just left him alone to bask in the window breeze.

He did not get to see his first plant birthday. He tried to be a brave lil aloe plant, trying not to disappoint me and ‘faked’ being alive. His leaves were alive and strong…till I went to water him. And noticed he wasn’t attached to anything, except a string of hope, which was diminishing as the weeks passed.

I finally succumbed to the truth, and acknowledged his death. Twas a hard day.

 R.I.P. Aloe Plant April 2009 – March 2010

I’ll think of you every time I burn myself….and wonder ‘why the crap don’t I just buy another aloe plant?’

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